25 actions that are more powerful than 'I love you'

These are signs that he loves you (even if he's not saying it)

25 actions that are more powerful than 'I love you'

These are signs that he loves you (even if he's not saying it)
  • Communication can be one of the greatest challenges in any relationship. One way to solve this issue is to learn that there are more ways to communicate than with our words. If your husband has a hard time saying he loves you out loud, that doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. Here is a list of 25 ways your husband may be "saying" he loves you every day without saying anything at all:

  • 1. He buys you tampons

  • Maybe it's uncomfortable for him, but he's sensitive to your needs.

  • 2. He doesn't make you brush your teeth before a good morning kiss

  • Which is equally sweet and gross.

  • 3. He goes out of his way to help you

  • Even when it's not convenient, he's there if you need his help.

  • 4. He texts you things that remind him of you

  • This shows that you're on his mind all the time, even when you're apart.

  • 5. He fights fair

  • Of course, he's going to disagree with you but he cares enough about the relationship to maturely work it out.

  • 6. He spends time with you

  • A guy who likes being around you is a guy who loves you.

  • 7. He doesn't always tell you what you want to hear

  • Sometimes this can be hard to take, but he loves you enough that he's willing to do the tough job of saying what needs to be said.

  • 8. He puts you first

  • You are more important to him than school, work, friends and kids.

  • 9. He's sweet 'just because'

  • It doesn't have to be a special occasion for him to do something special for you.

  • 10. He changes

  • He's willing to evolve because he wants to be the best version of himself for you.

  • 11. He puts his phone away

  • When you're together he wants to be with you.

  • 12. He's proud of you

  • Instead of being jealous of your achievements, he's overjoyed for you.

  • 13. He cancels plans for you

  • You're more important than anything else he had going on.

  • 14. He teases you

  • Teasing shows that he's confident enough in your relationship to lightheartedly poke fun, but he's never mean.

  • 15. He remembers

  • Even small things you say stick in his mind because he cares enough to make them stick.

  • 16. He wants to know what you think

  • Your opinion makes all the difference for him when making choices.

  • 17. He holds your hand

  • This simple gesture shows how much you mean to him.

  • 18. He respects you

  • Your man values you as an individual in every way: your opinions, body and aspirations.

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  • 19. He apologizes

  • Saying, "I'm sorry" is about as good as saying, "I love you."

  • 20. He cares about your family

  • Anyone who is important to you is important to him.

  • 21. He's honest with you

  • You never have to worry that he's hiding anything because he values your trust.

  • 22. He does what he says

  • He keeps his promises, no matter how small.

  • 23. He does household chores

  • A man who loves you does his share (or more) of the housework.

  • 24. He forgives you

  • He makes mistakes but he's OK with that and lets them go.

  • 25. He talks about the future

  • Because he sees you in it.

  • So even if he's not saying it, he's showing he loves you through his action. At ZipHub, they believe in putting love into action. You can give back to charities by doing nothing more than shopping at places you already love. Find out how you can put love into action by signing up here.

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