12 ways to be the woman of his dreams

There are some things that every man finds irresistible.

12 ways to be the woman of his dreams

There are some things that every man finds irresistible.
  • Every man has his own idea of the "dream woman." Whatever preferences your mister might have, there are some things every man finds irresistible. Here are 12 things you can do to be the woman of his dreams:

  • 1. Be independent

  • Every man loves a woman who can take care of herself. Men love a little bit of a chase and know they'll need to work to get the attention of an independent woman. He wants to win you over, and when he feels like he has to fight for you, you'll be irresistible to him.

  • 2. Have a life outside of your relationship

  • This point goes along with your independence; maintain friendships outside of your relationship with your sweetheart. He'll appreciate the value you place on maintaining relationships, and these people who are important to you will become important to him, too.

  • 3. Take care of yourself

  • Men are physical creatures, and they appreciate when you take care of yourself. To be irresistable, take care of your body - have good hygiene and be active and healthy. This isn't to say you should be a specific dress size, just that every man loves a woman who loves herself enough to take care of herself.

  • 4. Spread good vibes

  • Everyone carries an aura with them, and people can feel the energy you carry with you - so make that energy positive. Men can't resist a good smile and they'll be naturally drawn to your good energy.

  • 5. Have confidence

  • This can feel difficult sometimes, especially since society sometimes tells women that confidence can be misinterpreted as cockiness. But it's OK to love yourself. Strut your stuff, and your man will love you for it.

  • 6. Love God

  • A faithful man loves finding a woman who loves God first. He'll be OK being your second priority if God is your first.

  • 7. Don't be afraid to be playful

  • Don't take yourself too seriously. Show him that you have a goofy side, and be comfortable letting that side come out. Men love a woman who is able to laugh at herself.

  • 8. Be optimistic

  • Men love a woman who can they can count on during the hard times. Be hopeful, optimistic and see the good in all things. Clouds always have a silver lining, and any mister loves when their woman always manages to find it.

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  • 9. Don't lower your standards

  • Have good morals and don't back down when they're confronted. An honorable man will respect you for your standards and will admire your strength.

  • 10. Be ambitious

  • Set goals in your life and go for them. Men love a woman who knows what she wants in life, so don't be afraid to chase your dreams.

  • 11. Don't compete with other women

  • When you're confident in yourself, you won't feel the need to compete with other women. Men like when a woman is confident enough that she doesn't feel threatened by other women. If you feel like you have to compete with others to get a man's attention, you'll get the wrong kind of attention. The right kind of man will notice that you're not the kind of woman who plays games, and he'll love that about you.

  • 12. Be kind

  • Serve and love others. Make dinner for the widow down the street. Leave a generous tip for your waitress. Take care of the people in your life, and your man will fall head over heels in love with your kind heart.

  • Whether you're working to woo a man or you've already won his heart, he's sure to fall even deeper in love with you if you work on strengthening these attributes.

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