3 things a man needs to know if he’s in love with a strong woman

Strength starts on the inside and shows outwardly. A strong woman demonstrates her inner strength in the things she does.

3 things a man needs to know if he’s in love with a strong woman

Strength starts on the inside and shows outwardly. A strong woman demonstrates her inner strength in the things she does.
  • Whatever we display on the outside is usually a good proxy of what is happening to us internally.

  • Those who wear a genuine smile or have a cheery attitude are usually quite relaxed and hopeful on the inside. They behave differently because they see things differently, and because they see things differently, they expect outcomes that meet their attitude and perspective.

  • How do you know if you are in love with a strong woman? Well, she will portray attitudes that display strength, fervor, and consistency.

  • I believe every woman wants to be with a strong man. He does not have to possess hulk-like physical strength, but he operates in a positive space, adhering to his strengths, and does not allow his weaknesses to overwhelm him.

  • I also believe that what makes the old adage "behind every strong man is a strong woman" true is that a woman possesses unique strength that she is not afraid to exhibit.

  • Here are three things a man needs to know if he is love with a strong woman.

  • She does not shortchange herself

  • Many times it's easy to believe that our worth comes from comparing ourselves to others.

  • For example how would you rate yourself among your siblings if they were all Ph.D.s and you barely squeaked out of college alive? From an educational stand point you might say that you are the least. But you might rate yourself as better than them if you were able to complete a half marathon, and they were not able to find the doorway of a fitness center.

  • You behave how you see yourself. A woman who does not shortchange herself will not allow anyone to disrespect her. Her attitude and behaviour creates her persona.

  • She takes pride in a job well done. She is a woman of integrity because she respects herself and operates in humility. She gets out of the way when she needs to and she gets to work when she needs to. She knows exactly who she is and what she is worth.

  • My wife reminds all the time that people will treat us the way we treat others. A strong woman makes it a point to carry herself in a way that demonstrates her worth.

  • She does not hold back the compliments

  • A woman who does not shortchange herself chooses her words wisely and she takes her time to get her point across.

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  • It is easy to insult someone because in that moment the spotlight is squarely on their flaw. It becomes more difficult to praise someone because the spotlight is on their strengths, and it does not leave any room for another person to shine. This is yet another example of how what is going on inside will reflect powerfully on the outside.

  • In her book titled Think or Sink: The One Choice that Changes Everything, Gina Mullicone-Long writes that everything either helps us get things done or blocks us from getting things done. Things that hold us back are: negative self-talk, blame and staying stuck. Things that make us go include: faith, affirmations and gratitude.

  • A woman holding back compliments has to keep them somewhere, perhaps to cover her own dilemmas; whereas a woman who is willing to give compliments is free from obstacles and lives in her strength. Because she knows her worth, you realize your value. Because you know your value, you can dream big, knowing that she stands with you and has no issue celebrating you and with you.

  • Her biggest dream is for your biggest dream to come true

  • When my wife and I got together, we had dreams so big that we would stay awake longing and planning. Then, the children came and our attention shifted. Within that shift came a lot of disappointments and let downs. We lost track of our dreams, and we lost track of ourselves. Years later, we are back on the dream boat, imagining great things for our lives and diligently working towards them.

  • The ability to dream is perhaps the single greatest human attribute. Our dreams are safe places with no room for impossibility. Dreaming allows us to be away from our frustration while enabling us to start fixing those frustrations.

  • It is difficult to support anyone who alienates you, and it is unusual to alienate the people who fight for you. Women are like mother bears, they are very protective of their offspring, which means they are very protective of their future. A good man carries his vision for his family on his sleeve and his dreams are insights into his vision. She makes it safe for you to dream big, because she knows that her future is secured.

  • It is good to be certain of the people we love because the people we love will occupy most of our attention. Personally, my wife has to be tough, consistent and creative. Moreover, when she does not shortchange herself, nor holds back compliments, and she helps me chase my dreams, I know for sure she is a strong woman.

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