18 ways to make married life more exciting

Add a little more fun into your married life with these exciting ideas.

18 ways to make married life more exciting

Add a little more fun into your married life with these exciting ideas.
  • Couples who know how to have fun together are the ones who last. But, (as we all know) life gets hectic and we forget to let ourselves do exciting things together, even though we know we should. Luckily, you can still fill your married life with more excitement by giving these 18 (easy) ideas a try:

  • 1. Flirt more

  • Once you're comfortably settled into a relationship, flirting usually dies down considerably. Spice things up a bit by flirting verbally and physically, just like you did when you were dating.

  • 2. Try new hobbies together

  • The two of you probably have your own hobbies you each do on your own, but add a little spark by finding a new hobby to do together. Spend more fun time together while learning how to make sushi or by going kayaking.

  • 3. Get away

  • Whether it's a big trip or a weekend stay-cation in town, make things more exciting by sightseeing and sleeping somewhere new.

  • 4. Send the kids away for a night

  • Spending the night in a hotel is great, but there's something special about spending that rare alone time together in your own house. Let your kids sleep over at a friend's or family's place and enjoy some blissful together time.

  • 5. Plan new dates

  • A lot of couples fall into a dinner-and-a-movie date routine. So, change it up! My husband and I love trying out new restaurants, getting out into nature and looking into the activities our city has to offer.

  • 6. Do something fun every day

  • It's easy to get trapped in the mundane, day-to-day routine. So, make it a point to do something fun (small or big) every day together.

  • 7. Spend time with other couples

  • Having other couple friends to go out with instantly adds excitement to your marriage. Just because you've "settled down" doesn't mean you can't still hit the town with fun friends.

  • 8. Establish goals together

  • Working with each other to plan future goals will strengthen your marriage, so sit down a make of list of what you want to accomplish this week, this month and this year.

  • 9. Be positive

  • If you focus on the positive you'll quickly find how much more fun you and your sweetheart will have.

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  • 10. Play games

  • There are so many entertaining, hilarious and interesting games out there; pick up a new board game from the store or pull a favorite card game out of the closet and get playing.

  • 11. Leave little reminders

  • Whether it's a note on the bathroom mirror, a flirty text message while they're away or a paper note slipped into their bag, your spouse will love the reminder that you're thinking of them.

  • 12. Be silly

  • Recreate that classic look you rocked in high school (complete with a retainer and frizzy hair) or only talk to your spouse in song lyrics.

  • 13. Create something together

  • A poem, a painting, a craft, a song, holiday decorations or a funny video are just a few of the creative project possibilities the two of you can take on together.

  • 14. Find new reasons to celebrate

  • Sure, Valentine's Day and your anniversary are fun to celebrate, but they each only happen once a year. Every time someone has a small accomplishment or good news, go all out to celebrate it.

  • 15. Make chores fun

  • Do them together and do them with music. My husband and I like to tackle the pile of dirty dishes together while blasting 80's music.

  • 16. Up the affection

  • Make each kiss last longer, hug each other tighter and get intimate more often.

  • 17. Let go of the little things

  • If you get annoyed often by the little things your spouse does, you're probably spending too much time fuming and nagging and not enough time doing exciting things together.

  • 18. Daydream together

  • You've probably had multiple conversations about reasonable, reachable goals for your family, but have you ever shared your daydreams with your spouse? Even if they seem unattainable, you can have exciting conversations discussing your unrealistic dream jobs and dream goals. Who knows? Maybe if you talk about it enough, you can make one come true.

  • Make room in your life to have fun with your sweetheart - your marriage will be stronger and the two of you will have a happier life in the long run.

  • What things do you and your spouse do to keep married life exciting?

McKenna Park is a staff writer at FamilyShare. She's a happy wife, puppy mama, ice cream addict and film nerd. Website:

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