Hallmark is releasing 33 new movies this Christmas; here's everything you need to know

We're so excited (and you should be too).

Hallmark is releasing 33 new movies this Christmas; here's everything you need to know

We're so excited (and you should be too).
  • Even though it's still summer, the holiday season will be here before we know it. While looking at Christmas lights with the family is fun, we know you love the whimsical world of the Hallmark channel. And this year, the new movies will not disappoint.

  • Here's the complete list, thanks to Entertainment Weekly:

  • 1. Evergreen Inn

  • Sophie Bennett is spending her holiday at Evergreen Inn, where she meets a family who will change her life forever.

  • 2. Kiss for the New Year

  • A New Year's kiss is significant in many ways, so professional photographer Robin isn't about to kiss just anyone.

  • 3. Never Too Late for Christmas

  • A classic story of a businesswoman who forgets the joy of Christmas and has to slow down to realize what's truly important in life.

  • 4. Enchanted Christmas

  • Laura is a successful interior designer with no time for love. But when her daughter falls in love with salsa dancing, it just so happens that the dance studio's owner is Laura's high school sweetheart.

  • 5. Snow Globe Wishes

  • Set in Evergreen, Vermont, this small, tight-knit town believes that if you make a wish upon a snow globe in a local café, the wish is sure to come true.

  • 6. When Calls the Heart Christmas!

  • If you've seen the series, you'll love this movie. All the characters come together to remind each other (and the whole town) what the true meaning of Christmas is.

  • 7. Secret Santa

  • In an office gift exchange, Melanie is thrilled when she gets her crush's name and he starts to fall in love. But, someone else starts taking credit for his gifts ... and Melanie isn't going to let that happen.

  • 8. Magical Christmas Ornaments

  • Marie's love for Christmas ended with her marriage ... or did it?

  • 9. A Gift to Remember

  • When it comes to love, Darcy has high expectations. She fears she's fantasized someone who doesn't exist - will he live up to her expectations?

  • 10. The Christmas Cottage

  • Heartbroken Lacey gave up on love and now focuses on her career. But when she's snowed in with a handsome man, she realizes love might not be so hopeless.

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  • 11. The Christmas Train

  • Based on a New York Times No. 1 bestseller, a journalist travels across the country by train only to have his heart softened by holiday magic.

  • 12. Christmas Castle

  • When a high school teacher inherits a castle in Scotland, she and her boyfriend take a trip to the magical place. But first, she must convince someone else in the castle to leave.

  • 13. Engaging Father Christmas

  • Hopeful Ian does everything he can to plan a perfect proposal, but things take a turn for the worse when fiancée Miranda tries to distance herself from Christmas.

  • 14. Unbridled Love

  • A dramatic story of a girl with a ranch, an evil stepmother and a Hollywood movie star makes for the perfect romance.

  • 15. When God Winks at You

  • These are true stories that prove God has a hand in our lives.

  • 16. Welcome Home Warrior

  • A heartbroken widow and an injured army captain work together to save the military museum. They might even fall in love - you'll just have to watch.

  • 17. A Song for Christmas

  • A famous popstar ends up stranded on a cold winter night. When a family takes her in, only the oldest son realizes that this celebrity could save their family farm.

  • 18. Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Miracle

  • A single mother longs for the summer love she once shared with a boy. When they're finally reunited, a miracle happens.

  • 19. Angel Falls

  • Gabby is an angel who needs to redeem herself. With the help of her guardian angels, she helps the town of Angel Falls.

  • 20. Christmas Shuttle

  • On a flight to go spend Christmas with his dad, a little boy decides the flight attendant would be a perfect match for his single father. Did he just find his father's true love?

  • 21. Good Sam

  • When news reporter Kate learns about the person who left $100,000 to 10 different people, she knows her life and career will never be the same.

  • 22. A Bramble House Christmas

  • When Finn realizes the reason his father left $50,000 to his nurse before he passed, Finn tries to do everything he can to make it her best Christmas yet.

  • 23. Christmas for Joy

  • When Joy saves a wealthy stranger from an accident, the stranger learns a valuable lesson that leads to happiness and love.

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  • 24. The Sweetest Christmas

  • Pastry chef Kylie wants nothing more than to win the American Gingerbread Competition, but to save an old flame and her café, first she has to learn to love the Christmas Spirit.

  • 25. Christmas in the Air

  • Stressed-out Lydia meets a frazzled toy inventor. As they help each other relax, a beautiful relationship blossoms.

  • 26. Home for Christmas Day

  • Jane is terrified that her daughter, Betsy, will get her heart broken. But they both have to learn that sometimes taking a leap of faith can lead to amazing things.

  • 27. Christmas Festival of Ice

  • When trying to save the town's ice-sculpting contest, Emma convinces the ice artisan Nick to compete. Now, both want to win the contest (and the other's heart).

  • 28. Christmas Sister Swap

  • Twins who hate each other switch lives until Christmas, and realize the true meaning of life.

  • 29. Miss Christmas

  • Holly needs to find The National Tree for the Washington D.C. lighting ceremony. When she travels to a quaint town to see an impressive evergreen, she doesn't expect to also find love.

  • 30. Marry Me at Christmas

  • Wedding planner Madeline loves Christmas weddings, but is surprised to meet (and fall in love with) her celebrity crush - who just happens to be her client's brother.

  • 31. Finding Santa

  • Jessica is in charge of running the town's Christmas parade but struggles to find a Santa ... Jessica might need to become the new Mrs. Clause in order for the parade to work.

  • 32. Father Christmas

  • When Eric is laid off two weeks before Christmas, the single father must put all worries aside to have a wonderful holiday. Along the way, he realizes how important family time is.

  • 33. Coming Home for Christmas

  • Allie manages a beautiful estate and has to plan a last Christmas Eve gala for the family, but is actually tasked with much, much more.

  • It may be months away, but I'll be curled up by my fireplace drinking hot cocoa and counting down the days until I get to watch these romances play out.

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