Homeless boy begging on the streets reaches into a car, what happens next changes his life forever

This little orphan will never be the same.

Homeless boy begging on the streets reaches into a car, what happens next changes his life forever

This little orphan will never be the same.
  • John Thuo was going about his normal day when he saw something that would change his life forever.

  • This young child living in Nairobi, Kenya, spent his days roaming the streets collecting change in order to survive. He's had to provide for himself for as long as he could remember.

  • The event that changed his life

  • As he was collecting money on the streets one day, Thuo approached a car. What he saw in the window shook him to the core, and he burst into tears.

  • Gladys Kamande, a 32-year-old woman, was on her way to a doctor's appointment. She was attached to breathing machines and different types of tubes keeping her alive. John was curious as to what had happened to her. According to Faithit, Kamande "explained to John that her lungs had collapsed, so she had to rely on oxygen tanks to keep her functioning."

  • His heart of gold

  • Thuo was so moved by her story that he reached in the car and gave Kamande all the money he had collected that day. Although what he had to give wasn't much, he was willing to give everything he could to help this woman. Though Thuo came from nothing, he believed Kamande needed the money more than he did.

  • A bystander saw this interaction between the little child and the afflicted woman and was touched by the encounter. He took a picture and posted it online along with the story of what happened, and it automatically went viral. People instantly started sharing the inspiring story.

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  • He became an inspiration

  • This story touched thousands of people online, and according to Faith It, "$80,000 raised by complete strangers made it possible for Gladys to receive treatment."

  • This inspiring story doesn't stop with Kamande's treatment. Once the internet got a hold of this news, Thuo was taken off the streets and moved into a children's home.

  • Always be kind, no matter what

  • He was then adopted by a wonderful woman, Nissy Wambugu, and is now able to go to school.According to Liftable, Thuo "is willing to go back to school as long as it's not anywhere far from mum (Gladys)." Wambugu was only too happy to make sure that happened.

  • Because of this sweet boy's love and kindness toward a complete stranger, lives have been drastically changed for the better. Thuo is a wonderful reminder that when you serve others and give your all, great things will come.

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