The perfect recipe to lose your wife

Avoid pushing your wife away by tossing these 7 ingredients out of your relationship.

The perfect recipe to lose your wife

Avoid pushing your wife away by tossing these 7 ingredients out of your relationship.
  • Love is delicate. We know that there will be problems mixed in with the good times of a relationship. But a spouse can cause some problems that turn out to be a recipe for disaster in their marriage.

  • A relationship cannot work if a man pays a lot of attention to what his wife does not do well or fails to do. Marriage becomes stifling if he does not notice what she does for him on a daily basis. Love dies if he chooses to complain or just be indifferent to the efforts she makes to show him how much she is willing to do for him. If a man allows himself to fall into such attitudes, he can take for granted that he is working out the perfect recipe to end his marriage and lose it.

  • Below are the ingredients that will lead to a recipe for losing your wife.

  • 1. Being ungrateful

  • When your wife works hard for your behalf and you don't say thank you, she won't be motivated to continue sacrificing for you. A wife serving her husband should not be a thankless obligation. Show appreciation for what she does for you.

  • 2. Stop doing the little things

  • It's not about coming home with roses every day- it's about offering to do the dishes after a meal, inviting her to go out for a walk after dinner or watching a movie together on the weekend. It's the little things that can go a long way in building and keeping a healthy marriage; if you neglect to do them, your wife will feel discouraged.

  • 3. Stop perceiving her as an attractive woman

  • The problem is not that you look at other women, the inconvenience is that you stop seeing your beautiful and attractive wife who is deserving of your gallantry and intimate desires. Believe it or not, that indifference does not go unnoticed and if you feel that you have the right to look, so does she.

  • But if you go further and you are unfaithful, it will most likely leave you without explanation and look for someone who does make you feel like a woman. Your wife is much more than a housewife; she is a woman alive and desiring to be loved. Do not let her go or lose your sincere affection.

  • 4. Be controlling

  • If you are controlling over your wife, you do not deserve her. Marriage must have an immense share of trust. She should not have to ask for your permission to do things or inform you of her every move. There's a line between calling to check up on her and calling to interrogate her. Trust her and give her own space- if not, you're heading down a road that leads to an unhappy marriage.

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  • 5. Talk rudely

  • It's true that couples have their problems and can become exasperated with each other, but there is no reason to offend her with rude and mean words. There are endless ways to solve marital difficulties and mean language does not fit into the recipe of love.

  • 6. Do not have aspirations

  • No woman wants a lazy, dispassionate husband. If you refuse to work hard and be a supporter in your family, your wife might leave you behind as she finds her own way to be the only one supporting the family. Create goals and make an effort to achieve them, and you'll have her support the whole way. Fail to do so, and you'll soon make your wife want to leave.

  • 7. Make money a problem

  • Of course you want your family to be financially safe, but money is the biggest reason for divorce. It's one of the easiest things to argue about, and everyone has the potential to love money more than the people closest to them. If you start this behavior, you might find yourself without a wife.

  • If you love your partner, do not follow this recipe. Eliminate these seven elements of your relationship and you will soon see your marriage growing in strength and love. You'll see yourself change into a better husband.

  • _This article has been adapted and translated from the original "La receta perfecta para perder a tu esposa -y ni te vas a dar cuenta de ello-" which was originally published on

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