It wasn’t her first time giving birth, but this mom was overwhelmingly SHOCKED when she saw her newborn for the first time

This baby made a special impact.

It wasn’t her first time giving birth, but this mom was overwhelmingly SHOCKED when she saw her newborn for the first time

This baby made a special impact.
  • It's no wonder some women like to have a photographer capture the special moments of childbirth. When you see a mother's pure joy that comes from seeing her baby for the first time, you want to hold onto that moment forever.

  • For Dara Crouch, having a photographer there during her labor was extra special because she didn't know the gender of her baby.

  • Nowadays, opting to keep things "old-fashioned" without a pre-planned gender reveal is uncommon. Grand gender reveals have taken over the internet, and most parents can't wait to find out the gender of their baby and throw a party to celebrate their soon-to-be baby girl or boy.

  • Crouch, however, didn't think her baby's gender would come as a surprise

  • "I just knew I was having a girl," she told Today.

  • No one on her mom's side of her family had given birth to a boy in more than 50 years.

  • The mother was positive her first-born daughter, a 3-year-old named Neyland, was definitely getting a baby sister.

  • After four hours in labor, the unimaginable happened

  • Crouch gave birth to a son, the first boy in her family in over half a century.

  • The new mother of two couldn't contain her excitement. "Oh my gosh!" she cried. "It's a boy; I can't believe it's a boy!"

  • Crouch said seeing her newborn son made her feel "shock, more than anything."

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  • It was a special moment for everyone in the room

  • Neely Ker-Fox, a friend of Crouch's, was the photographer who captured the special event. She has shot more than 100 births since 2011, but her friend's reaction to her son was special.

  • "I've seen surprises, but Dara had by far the most genuine reaction," she said.

  • Thankful today for these two beautiful souls who made me a mother. Being a mom is all I ever wanted to be since I was a...

    Posted by Dara Crouch on Saturday, May 13, 2017
  • Crouch gave birth to her son at St. Francis Hospital, where she has worked as a labor and delivery nurse for seven years.

  • Her best friend and fellow nurse was able to assist with the labor, along with two other midwives.

  • "As a labor and delivery nurse you get the emotions going on in the room ... you sometimes bond a lot when you've been taking care of someone for 12-plus hours," Crouch said of her work. "But nothing compares with the excitement I felt with Liam."

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  • This sweet miracle boy better be ready for some love and coddling from all the women in his family, who must be thrilled to finally have a baby boy!

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