9 signs a man is crazy about you

A man will only do these 9 things if he's crazy in love.

9 signs a man is crazy about you

A man will only do these 9 things if he's crazy in love.
  • Men aren't always as open as women are, so it's often hard to know what he's thinking or feeling. Instead of flat-out telling a woman how he feels, he'll normally show it through his actions. Here are nine things a man will only do if he's absolutely crazy about you:

  • 1. He texts you good morning and good night

  • If a man is really interested in you, he'll want to make sure he's the last person you talk to at night and the first person to talk to you in the morning. He wants to be the first and last thing on your mind every day! He simply won't be able to play hard to get with the woman he's crazy about.

  • 2. He makes plans with you

  • Everyone loves an occasional spot of spontaneity in a relationship, but a man who's truly crazy about you will make plans with you. You'll find him trying to schedule out a date for this weekend and a chance to see you during the week, too. Also, he wants to make sure you'll be a part of his life in the long run so you could find him making plans with you for next summer or next fall.

  • 3. He wants to get to know you

  • If he's really into you, he'll ask you questions and get to know you on a personal level. He'll love to listen to you talk, so he'll ask all the little questions to get to know you as much as possible. He'll ask about your childhood and genuinely care about your first best friend and the funeral you two had for your goldfish.

  • Not only that, but he'll remember those little details. He'll bring them up during later conversations and follow up on anything you might have mentioned earlier.

  • 4. He wants you to meet the important people in his life

  • Not only is he going to want you to meet his mom and old college roommate, he's going to really hope you all get along. His family is important to him, and it's going to matter to him that they approve of you and vice versa. Same with friends - if he's crazy about you, he wants you to fit right in with his group of friends.

  • 5. He holds your hand when others are around

  • A man who's really into you will want the world to know that you are his and he is yours. Even if it's sweet and subtle, little public gestures like a kiss on the cheek says he likes being close to you. If he wasn't interested in you, he wouldn't make the effort to appear publicly exclusive.

  • 6. He's not afraid to argue with you

  • When you two have a disagreement, he isn't afraid of a little heated debate. He knows that your relationship is strong and it's worth doing what it takes to make it work. If he didn't care about your relationship, he wouldn't bother arguing with you.

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  • 7. He commits to you

  • Whether it's deciding you two are exclusive, making it Facebook official or prioritizing your relationship over his other responsibilities, he lets you know that you're important to him. He makes you a priority in his life and he's willing to work at making the two of you #relationshipgoals.

  • 8. He values your opinion

  • A man who's crazy about you will respect you and care what you think. He'll ask your opinion on the small things as well as the big things - whether it's what tie he should wear to his job interview or if he really should try for that promotion in another department. Your opinion is important to him and asking your advice is another way he wants to include you in his life.

  • 9. He doesn't make you wonder

  • If a man is into you, you'll know. He'll tell you, whether it's through his words or actions. He'll make sure you feel taken care of, and he won't ever leave you questioning his motives or wishing he did something differently.

  • If your man does these nine things, he's definitely crazy about you ... but that's not the only way he can say he cares! What else has your man done to show you he's in love?

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