18 intimate things every woman should do with her husband during pregnancy

Use these tips to grow closer to your husband and create unforgettable memories while you wait for the arrival of your baby.

18 intimate things every woman should do with her husband during pregnancy

Use these tips to grow closer to your husband and create unforgettable memories while you wait for the arrival of your baby.
  • Congratulations! Your pregnancy is the beginning of a new life, but not just for your new baby. Your life and your husband's life will change once you bring a newborn home for the first time. Until that happens though, those nine months are precious, so use every opportunity you have to grow close with your partner and create unique and memorable moments together.

  • Here are 18 things we believe every woman should do with her partner during pregnancy:

  • 1. Announce your pregnancy together in a creative way

  • Do a quick Google serach and find many fun ideas on how to let your family know that the family is growing.

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  • 2. Enjoy time together

  • Use every second you can to spend quality time alone as a couple. Then it will not be so easy once the baby comes!

  • 3. Be intimate

  • If your pregnancy has no complications, it is totally healthy and recommended to continue regularly being intimate with your partner. Dr. Sheryl Ross, OB-GYN, saysit's "safe to have intercourse as long as you aren't having any complications related to the pregnancy".

  • 4. Let him serve you

  • However independent you are as a woman, let your husband take initiative and help you - some of of your regular tasks will get harder and harder to do once your belly (and ankles and feet) get bigger.

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  • 5. Go out for a romantic dinner (and other dates) often

  • Even if you feel bloated and tired, try to still make regular dates a priority.

  • 6. Spend a weekend in bed

  • Cancel everything and take a break from the world for a weekend. Sleep in, eat breakfast in bed, watch a few movies with your honey and rest those tired feet.

  • 7. Take weekly photos

  • Pick a place in your home, and document your pregnancy every week with pictures. For each photo, keep the same background, but keep the focus on the growth of your belly.

  • 8. Make a plaster cast

  • In baby stores you can find kits to create a 3D mold of your belly; Do this together in the last few weeks so you both have a tactile memory of your pregnancy. It's more fun than it looks!

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  • 10. Follow the weekly size of your baby

  • It is so exciting to imagine that your baby is growing from the size of a small seed to a small pumpkin in as little as 40 weeks.

  • 11. Prenatal massages

  • Consult with your doctor about what types of prenatal massages you should receive and let your husband be your therapist.

  • 12. Be spontaneous

  • Soon your lives will have to follow a routine for the care of your baby. Use these months to enjoy last minute adventures.

  • 13. Take a childbirth class together

  • Enlist as a couple in prenatal classes. Many hospitals offer free classes for prospective parents. You could also take a tour of your hospital to help you get to know the staff and the layout of where your baby will be born.

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  • 14. Keep a prenatal journal together

  • Write letters to your child or your thoughts while you wait for your baby.

  • 15. Flirt

  • Do not lose the habit of flattering each other. Look for opportunities to let your husband know your thoughts and invite him to do the same.

  • 16. Exercise together

  • Physical activity is very beneficial for you and your baby as long as you don't have a high risk pregnancy, but always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen.

  • 17. Read to your baby

  • Start connecting with your baby by either talking to him or reading favorite childhood books aloud.

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  • 18. Pray together

  • Take time to unite and pray as a family from now on.

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