How to know if you’re physically beautiful

Is beauty something subjective or is there a way to actually tell if you’re beautiful?

How to know if you’re physically beautiful

Is beauty something subjective or is there a way to actually tell if you’re beautiful?
  • "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

  • "Beauty is only skin deep."

  • "Pretty is as pretty does."

  • We've all probably heard these sayings and many more about beauty and what it means to be beautiful. Some say true beauty lies in who you are and not what you look like. Others say it has to do with physical ratios of the face and whether features are symmetrical, and so on and so forth.

  • Many of us have probably often wondered secretly, or not so secretly, if we are actually beautiful, not just my-mom-says-it-so-it-must-be-true beautiful, but, like, drop dead gorgeous. And the truth is, there is actually a way to tell, and here are a few of the ways to tell how.

  • 1. You have a body

  • You are probably thinking, "Wait, what?! Of course I have a body, as well as everyone else, but why would that make me beautiful?!" And honestly, as weirdly simple as it sounds, it's what makes you beautiful.

  • Your body, no matter its shape and size, height, weight, birth marks, scars, etc. is beautiful. It helps you to stay alive, probably stay relatively healthy and helps you to live your life. Your body makes you the recognizable you, and that is beautiful.

  • Not one person's body is exactly the same, and that is what makes bodies so amazing. Even within your family, you have your unique set of physical characteristics that sets you apart from the average Jane or Joe.

  • 2. You have a mind

  • Again, you might be rolling your eyes, but this is also a way to measure your beauty. Your wit, humor, the way you say things, understand things and learn things; this is beautiful. Without your mind, you would be just a body, and although that is also beautiful, it's even more beautiful with your mind in it.

  • Isn't it amazing that our minds can help us figure out the most complex equations or how to simply communicate a greeting?

  • Even the Scarecrow wasn't satisfied with a life without a brain. Your mind is another way to know you are beautiful.

  • 3. You have a soul

  • This can mean different things to different people, but however you interpret it, a soul is what gives you the essence of you, a combination of your mind, body and heart.

  • A soul is a very beautiful thing; it is what usually draws us to another person and makes us want to connect with them. A soul is the reason we feel what we do and seek out what we do. Your soul is probably one of the most beautiful things about you, no matter how you may look on the outside.

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  • So yes, maybe this isn't as specific as you would like it to be in regards to finding physical beauty, but in reality it is also the very definition of physical beauty. These three things, along with many others, are a great start to gauging how beautiful you are and will always be. In the end, it is probably how you really want to measure your beauty because the rest is purely opinion.

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