This couple was STUNNED to discover a home video that revealed a secret about their past

Neither of them were prepared for what they saw on screen.

This couple was STUNNED to discover a home video that revealed a secret about their past

Neither of them were prepared for what they saw on screen.
  • Ryan and Jourdan Spencer met on a blind date, but it turns out, this wasn't the first time they'd come in contact. Unbeknownst to them, a decade before, they had both been in the same place at the same time.

  • The discovery

  • Everything unfolded on a trip to Jourdan's house while they were dating. The couple was watching Jourdan's old home videos. Jourdan told Inside Edition: "I think [Ryan] was annoyed too that I wanted to watch another home video." But that didn't stop her from putting in a video of her family's 1988 trip to Sesame Place, a water park in Pennsylvania.

  • It was there that they saw something neither of them expected to see: walking into the right corner of the frame was Ryan.

  • The image of his younger self caught his eye and he said, jokingly, "Wow, that looks like me." But when Jourdan rewound and paused the video he cast all joking aside; he really believed the boy on screen was him.

  • When the couple told their families and friends what they had seen, no one believed them. It was before smartphones, so they couldn't show the evidence. Still, Jourdan and Ryan did some fact-checking with Ryan's family and confirmed that they had gone to Sesame Place around that time.

  • Jourdan and Ryan also looked at photos of Ryan at that age and determined that he had the same oversized glasses and billowy hair. Ryan said, "I got a chill at first. I couldn't believe it was me, and then it became kind of a romantic thing."

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  • Not the only encounter

  • However, the coincidences didn't end there. Inspired by this experience, the two delved into their past to see if they could discover other "close encounters." It turns out that Ryan attended a Rolling Stones concert back in 1989. It was that same concert that was Jourdan's first.

  • Not a coincidence at all

  • Now Ryan and Jourdan have three kids and their oldest daughter, Sophia, can't believe her parents being in the same place at the same time could be merely a coincidence. According to Jourdan, "[Sophia] keeps saying, 'How did Daddy know you were there?'"

  • But Jourdan also has a hard time believing their encounter was just a coincidence: "The world is not as big as it seems. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and that people come into our lives when they're meant to and leave when they're meant to, and obviously we were supposed to meet again. Our paths crossed more than once."

  • Or, in the words of Ryan, "We were meant to be."

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