10 signs your marriage is golden

If these signs ring true to you, you've got an especially wonderful marriage.

10 signs your marriage is golden

If these signs ring true to you, you've got an especially wonderful marriage.
  • Is your marriage golden? Did you hit the spouse-jackpot? Feel like you're married Mr. Wonderful or Mrs. Dream Wife? If so, you have a relationship that you can't imagine life without. These 10 signs should ring a bell for anyone with a happy, healthy marriage.

  • 1. You love waking up next to your sweetheart

  • If you and your spouse consider waking up next to each other in the mornings as one of the best part of your day, your marriage is headed in the right direction. It's clear you've got a special bond when you greatly enjoy activities as simple as waking up in the morning.

  • 2. You put aside little annoyances

  • Everyone has small quirks and habits that can be a bit annoying - from frequently misplacing their keys to using the shared tube of toothpaste the "wrong" way. But in loving relationships, spouses know to let things go rather than making a big fuss over the little things.

  • 3. You fight with each other the right way

  • Yes, healthy marriages should have occasional fights, as long as they're the right type. Arguments are needed to solve issues and strengthen your marriage, but they should never involve belittling or hurtful actions. Rather, both partners should seek to solve the problem together quickly and always try to argue fairly.

  • 4. Even mundane tasks are fun when you do them together

  • If your marriage is great, the two of you can have a blast even while doing something as dull as washing dishes or grocery shopping.

  • 5. You serve each other

  • Selflessness is a huge part of any successful relationship. Whenever a partner sees their sweetheart in need, they should jump in and help. Every marriage is more loving when a spouse frequently asks themselves, "what can I do to make my husband's/wife's day better?"

  • 6. They make you a better person

  • A big part of marriage is lifting each other up and supporting each other through hardships and doubts. Your partner should inspire you to be better, and your relationship should enable both of you to improve.

  • 7. You smooch a lot

  • This might be self-evident, but frequent kissing is a huge indicator that a marriage is in great shape. A study from Oxford found that something as simple as kissing is very important in maintaining long-term relationships and keeping a strong bond between partners.

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  • 8. Both of you are in control

  • In a healthy relationship, no partner should dominate over the other. Both should feel independent and have equal say in important decisions.

  • 9. You laugh a lot together

  • Frequent laughter is a sure sign of a successful relationship. Joking around and giggling together strengthens bonds and relieves feelings of stress and sadness.

  • 10. You're quick to forgive each other

  • A golden marriage doesn't mean neither spouse ever messes up, but it does mean that you're both quick to apologize and quick to forgive each other ... Because both of you love each other too much to stay mad at each other for too long.

  • If these signs remind you of your own marriage, your relationship is on track. And remember - a golden marriage doesn't mean a perfect marriage, because there's no such thing. There's always room to grow and improve your relationship together.

McKenna Park is a staff writer at FamilyShare. She's a happy wife, puppy mama, ice cream addict and film nerd. Website:

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