Baby locked in a car with a note outrages people passing by

Yes, she left a note but she also left her tiny baby in the car, completely alone.

Baby locked in a car with a note outrages people passing by

Yes, she left a note but she also left her tiny baby in the car, completely alone.
  • Moms have things to do and errands to run, and sometimes they don't have the luxury of leaving their kids home with a babysitter. This leaves them no choice than to bring them along. There's never a good excuse to leave your baby locked in the car when you go shopping, but this mom from New Zealand thought it would be just fine.

  • "My mom has gone shopping"

  • According to New York Daily News, the newborn baby was sleeping in the car with a note that said, "My mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything." The mother's cell phone number was also written on the note.

  • The people walking by were perplexed by the situation and the note. Who would leave their baby locked in a car? Before anyone called the police, they waited for the mother to come out of the store.

  • According to Little Things, one witness said, "We waited there for a little bit, wondering if the mum was just going to be two seconds and come back, and my wife said, 'I'm not going in without someone being here with the baby.'"

  • One witness took a picture of the baby and posted it to social media to let everyone know the dangers of leaving a baby in a car.

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  • People were divided

  • The photo posted online has caused quite the controversy. Most people felt it was irresponsible to leave a baby locked up in a car under any circumstances, while others sympathized with the mom and told people not to judge her actions.

  • The police were eventually contacted, but no one pressed charges ... though reports suggest that the mother did get a firm talking to by the crowd before taking her baby home.

  • A spokesperson for the New Zealand police said, "We don't know who the people [who talk to the mother] are, we don't know the phone number - we don't know where to start. We would launch an investigation if we could but at this stage no one's come forward."

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  • Take precautions

  • Although the baby ended up being OK, the decision this mom made to leave the child in the car could have had serious consequences. There are thousands of things that could have gone wrong.

  • For example, if the baby is very small (like the baby in this situation), there's a high risk of suffocation or choking. The child also could have been abducted if someone saw her alone in the car. The child could have also suffered heat stroke. Although none of this happened, it was a definite possibility.

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  • Recommendations for car safety

    • Never leave a child alone in a car, whether it's cold or hot (even if the windows are open)

    • The temperature inside a vehicle can increase rapidly, so don't leave your kids in the car (even if it's only for a few minutes)

    • If a child is accidentally locked in the car, get them out as soon as possible

    • Don't leave your keys where your kids can get to them

    • Don't let children play in the car

  • Even if you're just running in the store quickly while your child sleeps, don't leave your child in the car - ever. Get a babysitter and run to the store yourself or wake your child up and bring them inside with you; you'll be glad you prevented a possibly deadly situation.

  • This article has been adapted and translated from the original "Un bebé encerrado en un auto con una nota dejada por su madre desata la cólera de los transeúntes" which was originally published on

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