If your man doesn't accept these 3 things, he doesn't really love you

Most things in a relationship are negotiable, but these 3 things aren't.

If your man doesn't accept these 3 things, he doesn't really love you

Most things in a relationship are negotiable, but these 3 things aren't.
  • The key to making a relationship work involves commitment, communication and negotiations. However, for your own good, there are three things you should never give up for any man.

  • You should never lose sight of the fact that even though you're in a partnership, you are still an individual person who needs to be able to be happy for herself. No matter how much love you feel in the moment, there are things that are not worth giving up just for love.

  • If a man really loves you, he will respect these three things about you:

  • 1. Your personal goals

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  • Couples can have an endless set of goals together, ranging from how they will raise their children to how they will pay for the family vacation of their dreams. This is wonderful and very healthy, but your personal goals must also be respected.

  • If you dream of finishing college or opening your own business, continue to pursue those dreams. Whether you made these goals before you met him or later on down the road, he should encourage you and help you along the way. While it may not be possible for your family to open your own business right now, your spouse should still offer their support and encouragement that you both can make it happen later on.

  • Having personal goals are not selfish - the goals you set for yourself will most likely benefit both of you, and he should be cheering you on the whole way.

  • 2. Your character

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  • More often than you might think, men desire the woman they're with to match a "list" or to remind him of another woman he may have dated in the past. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing (he might have dated a woman with a great sense of humor and wants that same attribute in his wife), it can be dangerous. If the man you're with says he loves you, but wants a totally different version of you, it's time to leave.

  • These kinds of relationships never work out because he's in love with the thought of a different woman, rather than loving the real you. While it's healthy for couples to encourage each other to grow and improve, you should never feel pressured by your man to fundamentally change who you are.

  • It is extremely important that you never be unfaithful to yourself to meet someone else's expectations.

  • 3. Your own friends

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  • Friendships are extremely important to help you maintain your individuality and offer support when you need it.

  • While you and your mister may have friends in common, it is extremely healthy for you to have your own friends; women who love you, know you, support you unconditionally, and who will be there for you. Even with a loving spouse, it's healthy to have friendships to help round out your social circle.

  • If a man truly loves you, he will respect these three things about you. There's no reason to change who you are just to be loved by a man.

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