10 things men can’t stand

Do you do any of these things?

10 things men can’t stand

Do you do any of these things?
  • I don't think men are from Mars, and I don't think women are from Venus. We are, however, pretty different. Every person is the product of their life experiences, environment, education and time but it's also too easy to fall into typical gender stereotypes despite these influences.

  • While stereotypes can be an easy way to justify behaviors, they also might hold some truth. As a woman myself, it would be easier for me to make a list of things we dislike about men. However, I'm not going to do that. Instead, it's time for women to realize that these things can bother - or hurt - the men in our lives:

  • 1. Talking about intimacy with friends

  • It's OK to share certain concerns with trusted friends or family members, but be selective of who you're sharing this sensitive information with. Keep intimacy intimate and respect your husband - he might not want you talking about this to anyone but him.

  • 2. Using secrets against him

  • Men feel vulnerable when they share their secrets ... but women love to share these secrets, no matter how private they seem. See the problem? To show your husband you love him, never use these secrets against him, especially when arguing.

  • 3. Make the husband feel like the "bad cop"

  • Especially for couples with children, men are often faced with being the "mean parent" because they enforce the rules and punishments. This tendency for women to paint their husbands as the "bad cop" is something the men in our lives hate.

  • 4. Bringing up the past

  • Recalling the date, hour and minute of everything that has ever bothered us in the relationship definitely puts a damper on your man's mood. Don't bring up past problems and mix them with current ones, or the problems will only get bigger.

  • 5. Not admitting mistakes

  • Women can make huge messes, but we don't love to admit when it's our fault. Men hate it when women can't admit to being wrong and apologizing. Find some middle ground and admit your faults.

  • 6. Having a "yo-yo attitude""

  • Not all women are like this, but many women like to feel strong and tough, but get upset when you can't keep up with the boys. Men hate this double-standard attitude.

  • 7. Using intimacy as a threat or reward

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  • Men despise it when we use our feminine charm to get what we want. For a happy and healthy marriage, it's important to remember not to do this and be straightforward about what we want.

  • 8. Not respecting privacy

  • Let's face it. If his cell phone doesn't have a password, his wallet is in plain sight or you're putting some private papers in the drawer, you'll probably end up looking through them. Men know this and it bothers them. There should be enough trust in your relationship that you don't feel like you have to prove your man's honesty by secretly looking through his phone.

  • 9. Constantly complaining

  • No one likes to hear someone complain all the time, especially your man. Women are sometimes specialists in seeing the negative, but instead, try focusing on the positive as much as possible.

  • 10. Trying to control him

  • We do this with the best intentions, but the truth is that our husbands are human beings, not pets. We like to critique your haircut, pick out your outfits and decide what you're doing this Saturday. Men don't like to be controlled, so try to be a little more lenient.

  • These are only 10 things women do that men hate, and there are probably many more. There are probably more than 10 things women dislike about things that men do as well. To improve any relationship, both genders should work towards bettering ourselves and avoiding these annoying habits. Is there anything would you add to or remove from this list?

  • This article has been adapted and translated from the original "Lo que odio de ti. 10 cosas que los hombres repudian de las mujeres" which was originally published on

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