15 signs you've got the best hubby ever

How does your husband size up to this list?

15 signs you've got the best hubby ever

How does your husband size up to this list?
  • You and your husband are the best of friends. You know he lucked out and married a winner, but how did you do? Here are 15 signs you married the best husband ever:

  • 1. He reduces your stress

  • The mark of a bad husband is one who makes your life more difficult. He's too demanding, doesn't help with the kids and so forth. The best husband ever recognizes all your hard work and does his part in creating a good, healthy marriage.

  • 2. He makes you his priority

  • Life can get pretty crazy, but the best husband will make sure you feel like his number one no matter what. He'll make time for you, and he'll put his own things aside so he can be there for you.

  • 3. He continuously works to make you fall in love with him

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  • He knows falling in love isn't just a one time thing, it's a journey you make daily. He does little things to keep your love alive and strong every single day.

  • 4. He makes you a better person

  • Your husband's goodness is inspiring and he makes you want to be better. You know he's not perfect, but it's his effort that means so much to you. And he's not just a good person with you- he's a good person wherever he goes. That's what really matters.

  • 5. He loves to make you laugh

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  • His favorite thing is watching you light up and laugh. He's willing to be goofy and not take himself too seriously if it means cheering you up and creating some fun memories.

  • 6. He holds your hand

  • Whether you two are going out together or staying in for the night, he wants to be close to you. He loves that physical connection with you- you're his other half!

  • 7. He values your opinion

  • He's not afraid to ask for your advice or help with anything he might be struggling with. You two have an equal partnership and he's never one to act like he knows better than you.

  • 8. He avoids pornography

  • The best husband ever only has eyes for his wife, and he doesn't make her feel like she needs to compete with something else. He doesn't ever objectify his wife- or any other woman.

  • 9. He eats your cooking... even if it's awful

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  • Your husband appreciates the work you do in creating meals for him, so even if you both know it's terrible, he'll eat it and thank you for it. You two might share a laugh, but in the end, his plate will be clean.

  • 10. He gets his hands dirty

  • He loves to work hard for you because he loves you. He's willing to do the nitty-gritty work around the house so that you can have the home you've dreamt of. He wants to make you happy, so he'll do whatever it takes.

  • 11. He wants to teach you new things

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  • Your husband will take time to teach you about his hobbies and interests because he knows that things are more fun when you tag along. He's patient with you as you learn, because he'd rather take the time for you to learn than do these things on his own.

  • 12. He prays with you

  • The best kind of husband is the one who puts God first. He'll make God the center of your relationship, and all of your big decisions will be faith based. He knows how important your relationship is, and he knows that it can be strengthened and ultimately perfected through divine involvement.

  • 13. He communicates with you

  • One of the biggest differences between men and women is the way they communicate. A good husband will take time with his wife to talk through things because he knows that is what's important to her.

  • 14. He supports you no matter what

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  • The best husband is there for his wife through thick and thin. On your best days, he's your cheerleader, and on your worst day, he's your support. Even when life hits you hard, your husband manages to see a little bit of good in everyday, and he'll do whatever it takes to help you see that good, too.

  • 15. He treats you as an equal

  • Your husband respects you more than anyone else, and he's willing to put his ego aside to make sure you know that. He supports, values and loves you and isn't afraid who knows it.

  • Do you have the best husband ever? Aside from this list, what has he done to make you feel like the luckiest woman alive?

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