23 things you should be doing for your spouse every single day

These small acts are incredibly important to a happy marriage. Are you doing them all?

23 things you should be doing for your spouse every single day

These small acts are incredibly important to a happy marriage. Are you doing them all?
  • Your spouse deserves all the love you have to give. Do these simple things every day to let your sweetheart know how much you love, appreciate and respect them.

  • 1. Say "I love you"

  • Look in your partner's eyes and say "I love you" at least one time every day. This can go a long way when you say it sincerely and with passion.

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  • 2. Ask their opinion

  • Ask your spouse what they think about anything, whether it's what you should wear that day or if you should take a new job. Your sweetheart will be grateful you value their opinion.

  • 3. Help them

  • Sometimes, we have a hard time admitting we need help. Help your spouse where you see it's needed, and do it with a smile.

  • 4. Kiss like you mean it

  • Kiss your spouse like it's the last time you'll kiss them. This will give you at least a few seconds of intimacy every day which is so important especially when life gets crazy.

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  • 5. Give a sincere compliment

  • Sincerely compliment your sweet husband or wife. If your husband looks extra great today, tell him! If your wife made an extra delicious dinner, she'll be tickled to know you loved it.

  • 6. Have at least one deep conversation

  • Having a real conversation every day will do wonders for your relationship. It will help you learn about each other and grow as a couple.

  • 7. Eat a meal together

  • Eating at least one meal together every day will give you time to talk and spend priceless one-on-one time together.

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  • 8. Put away the electronics for a little bit

  • Turn off the TV, put away your phone, take off your headphones and be in the moment with each other.

  • 9. Pray for them

  • Pray for your love. This will help you be more in tune to what your spouse needs and how you can help them.

  • 10. Say "thank you"

  • Let your spouse know you appreciate everything they do for your family. It takes two to build a home, so let them know you're grateful for their efforts.

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  • 11. Say "I'm sorry"

  • Apologizing can be hard, especially when you don't think you're wrong. Being able to apologize will reduce tension and is a crucial part of a happy marriage.

  • 12. Give a back rub

  • Give your spouse a back, foot or head rub every day. This will give you time to be close with each other, and you can even take turns so you're both benefitting.

  • 13. Ask what they need

  • Your spouse would like to think they're a superhero, but they can't do everything on their own. Help your honey with whatever he or she needs.

  • 14. Husbands, be a gentleman. Wives, let him

  • Don't be afraid to open your wife's door, and wives, don't be afraid to let him. It's fun to be treated like royalty every once in a while.

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