These 7 tests will determine if your relationship can last

Don't get married unless you and our partner can pass these tests.

These 7 tests will determine if your relationship can last

Don't get married unless you and our partner can pass these tests.
  • People always try to "test" their relationships with online surveys and in other little ways. I can't say whether a bunch of "yes" or "no" questions is the right approach to seeing if you should date someone, but I can say there are some natural tests that come with life that can show you what your relationship is made of. If you and your man can survive these tests, you know you'll be happy and compatible for years to come.

  • Here are seven of those tests that teach can you everything you need to know about the person you're dating:

  • 1. Setting up an IKEA bookcase

  • Anyone else think building furniture is sort of like life? You work hard to put all the pieces together but sometimes things go wrong ... seriously wrong. The box may have come with missing parts or you and your partner disagree about where that last screw goes. But by successfully completing a project, you can tell if the two of you make a good team.

  • 2. A dinner date with the parents (and the sisters and the brothers)

  • Oh the classic test of meeting the family. Knowing whether or not your man gets along with your loud sisters and your opinionated mother is huge in any relationship. It's also important to see how he reacts with his family - how he treats his momma may be a good indicator to how he'll treat you one day.

  • 3. A 12-hour car ride

  • A road trip with your mister is one of the big tests your relationship should survive. You'll have time to talk, get lost, see who loses their temper during traffic and also get a glimpse into their music taste. A road trip with your love is a must.

  • 4. Bumping into her last "Mr. Wonderful"

  • The dreaded run-in with an ex is a big test. The two of you should be able to handle this awkward situation with maturity and grace. Sure, it will be uncomfortable, but the way he reacts and the way you react will tell you a lot about where your relationship is.

  • 5. Runny noses and runs to the bathroom

  • Your man is lovely to be around when he's healthy, but what about when he has a horrible cold? Or a terrible bout of the flu? How you react when your love is sniffling, has puffy eyes and needs you to pat their sweaty forehead is very telling.

  • In return, you should know how he treats you when you've got the flu. If he's there to stay, he'll run to the store for juice and hold your hair when you need to throw up.

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  • 6. You VS him

  • Does your partner fight fairly? Arguments will be a part of any relationship, even if it's a healthy and happy one. It is a good idea to see if your relationship can stand the test of an argument before things get too serious. If you and your partner are willing to compromise, you'll both be set.

  • 7. When you beat him in basketball

  • No one wants to marry a sore loser. Early on, figure out how your man reacts to losing. You should also be able to tell if he's someone who gives up or works towards a goal - in marriage, you definitely want someone who won't give up.

  • You'll need to judge whether or not your partner "passes" these tests, but know that having a conversation about the outcome can also help iron out any wrinkles. See how your relationship grows and changes as you complete these tests after dating for a few weeks, then again after a few months.

Melinda Fox has a bachelor's degree in English and is the Sponsored Content Manager for She loves Shakespeare, listening to her favorite songs on repeat and journaling. Find her at


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