11 of the weirdest at-home skin treatments that work wonders (for any skin type)

Your skin will never be the same and your wallet will thank you.

11 of the weirdest at-home skin treatments that work wonders (for any skin type)

Your skin will never be the same and your wallet will thank you.
  • We're always on the lookout for easy, cheap skin treatments that actually work. It's not always easy (or affordable) to take a spa day, so we've compiled a list of the cheapest, quickest treatments that will leave your skin feeling and looking incredible.

  • Try these and let us know what you think:

  • 1. To get rid of acne

  • Apple cider vinegar works wonders when it comes to almost everything, including your skin. Dab a little of the miracle stuff on your acne and let it sit for a little while. Wash your face as normal after a few minutes.

  • 2. To set your makeup

  • This one sounds totally crazy, but one of the best ways to make sure your makeup stays in place all day includes ice water and baby powder. Once you're done putting on your foundation, spread a layer of baby powder all over your face, then put your face in ice water for 20-30 seconds. The baby powder will wash right off but your foundation will stay all day! (For more explanation, here's a tutorial)

  • 3. To eliminate wrinkles

  • Everyone likes a youthful appearance and this tightening mask will give you just that. Mix together, put the mixture on your face and rinse off after 15-20 minutes.

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  • 4. For baby soft skin

  • I don't know about you, but I love when my skin feels silky smooth. Don't waste money on expensive moisturizers when this mask will do the trick. Spread an even layer all over your face then let it sit for 30 minutes. Plus, you probably have all these ingredients in your pantry already.

  • 5. To prevent pimples

  • Do you have a big event coming up and you're worried about breaking out? Or maybe you just want to get rid of your pimples altogether? Look no further - This natural mask is sure to make your pimple problems disappear.

  • 6. For brighter complexion

  • To get the bright complexion you've been wanting, you have to exfoliate. This exfoliating recipe will work miracles on your skin.

  • 7. For the perfect moisturizer

  • We all want soft skin, but too many moisturizers leave your skin looking and feeling greasy. No one wants that, so try out this mask for the perfect balance of oils to soften your skin without the greasy residue.

  • 8. For amazing lips

  • If your lips are feeling cracked or dry, or maybe you just want a little bit of a plumping feeling, try this sugar scrub. The brown sugar exfoliates while the cinnamon gives your lips a little boost.

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  • 9. To reduce redness

  • Is redness in your face a problem for you? If so, use these naturally cooling products together or on their own to reduce that inflammation.

  • 10. To help super oily skin

  • If your skin is constantly producing excess oil, whip up an egg white with a little lemon juice. This will tighten your pores but leave the healthy oils alone.

  • 11. To get rid of sunspots

  • If you have pesky sunspots you want to get rid of, break open a Vitamin E tablet and rub it on the spots. It might take a while to see a difference, but don't give up. Great things take time!

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