9 signs your husband is falling out of love with you

Things between you and your husband just haven't been the same recently.

9 signs your husband is falling out of love with you

Things between you and your husband just haven't been the same recently.
  • Once upon a time, you and your husband were inseparable. You did everything together and he treated you like a queen. Now, he's spending less and less time with you and every time you're together, it feels like there's an elephant in the room. Conversations feel stiff, uncomfortable or even unfriendly. You start to wonder whether or not he even loves you anymore.

  • Here are nine signs he's falling out of love with you:

  • 1. He invests himself in a new hobby

  • In the earlier stages of your relationship, he made you his priority. Whenever he did anything, he wanted you to be there. If he's falling out of love with you, his new obsession won't have anything to do with strengthening your relationship. He no longer invites you on his bike rides or to check out that new art gallery, he just goes by himself and doesn't think of inviting you.

  • 2. He doesn't reach for your hand

  • A man in love wants to be near his woman at all times. Even if it's just having his hand on your leg while you're out to dinner or taking your hand while you two drive, he craves that physical touch. If your husband no longer makes that little effort to be close to you, he might be falling out of love.

  • 3. He gets uncomfortable around happy couples

  • Remember when you were single and would get cranky whenever you saw two people in love? This is kind of the same thing. There's nothing more annoying to someone in an unhappy relationship than seeing another happy couple - it invites feelings of envy and resentment. If you notice your husband getting upset when he sees a couple in love, it might be because no longer feels that happy, lovey-dovey feeling.

  • 4. He doesn't care about his appearance

  • Your husband used to make a special effort to look good for you, but now he doesn't seem to care. Now, you're lucky if you can get him to wash his hands for dinner. If you've noticed an increase in complacency when it comes to his own personal hygiene, it might be because he doesn't care whether or not you find him attractive.

  • 5. He doesn't ask about your day

  • If your husband truly cares about you, he'll want to know how you're doing. He'll ask about how that meeting went, how your friend is handling her new job and so forth. If he's falling out of love with you, he'll be too wrapped up worrying about himself to ask about you.

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  • 6. He can't look you in the eye

  • You used to be able to stare into each other's eyes forever, but now it feels like he's hiding something. He might be uncomfortable if you try to maintain eye contact for too long. Things are definitely not at the level they used to be.

  • 7. You two can't talk about the future

  • You used to talk about your lives together 50 years out, but now he avoids talking about even the next couple of years with you. You start to doubt your future with him because he's so unwilling to make any long-term plans with you in mind.

  • 8. He points out your flaws

  • Even little quirks of yours that he used to love seem to annoy him now. He constantly points out things that you do wrong or that upset him, which makes you self-conscious and tense whenever you're around him.

  • 9. He treats you more like a roommate than a lover

  • If you're not feeling any romance in your relationship anymore, your husband might not be in love with you. No matter how long you two have been together, a couple in love never stops flirting and romancing each other. If that has died out and your conversations make you feel more like you're talking to a buddy (and not your husband), you might want to reevaluate your marriage.

  • Watching your husband fall out of love with you can be one of the most difficult challenges you face in your marriage. But there is still hope - love is a choice, and if you two are willing to put in the effort, you two can find that love again. You can even find a love that's stronger than it was before.

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