6 things rich people never spend their money on (and you shouldn't either)

Follow these tips to save more and spend less.

6 things rich people never spend their money on (and you shouldn't either)

Follow these tips to save more and spend less.
  • Learning the value of work and money is one of life's most important lessons. However, learning just to work and earn money is not enough. To have that financial stability you're dreaming of, we all need to learn how to spend money wisely and carefully.

  • As it turns out, a big part of financial success is determined by how you spend your money. Those with flourishing finances have figured out that earning and multiplying their income means spending smarter, rather than working harder. These six guidelines to help grow your bank account without working more:

  • 1. Don't spend constantly on expensive outings

  • Surprisingly, people with greater economic stability don't regularly make big purchases. That is, they do not need to constantly spend their money on expensive bars, ritzy restaurants, commercial plazas or luxury hotels to enjoy life. Instead, money is reserved for special occasions not daily luxuries.

  • 2. Don't splurge on clothing, footwear and jewelry

  • Not all rich people spend exorbitant amounts of money on how they look. In fact, many wealthy people choose not to waste their income in clothing, shoes, necklaces, earrings, perfumes, lotions and other products that everyone uses. They recognize that to look good, it is not necessary to buy expensive things.

  • 3. Don't spend on new cars and gadgets

  • A few days ago I was reading an article that talked about how some of the biggest Hollywood stars drove modest and economic cars. They obviously have enough money to buy expensive cars, but chose to drive something more practical. You don't have to buy an unreliable junkyard car but choosing the latest brand and newest model is not a wise financial decision.

  • 4. Don't buy things that you can do yourself

  • Mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, changing a tire, preparing food and other activities will save you a bundle if you do them yourself, rather than paying someone else to do them.

  • 5. Don't spend money on expensive schooling

  • Many economically successful parents prefer not to spend money on expensive private schools for their children's education. They realize that public programs can give their children a good education without breaking the bank.

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  • 6. Don't give into your children

  • Wealthy people who are concerned about saving don't buy everything their children ask for. Certainly they can afford to, but they try to teach their kids the value of earning money rather than having things handed to them. Of course, you can give children gifts when the occasion calls for it, but financially smart people don't give in every time their child begs to buy the latest toy or electronic.

  • To become a more stable and wealthy individual, simply refrain from spending your money on things that will not give you lasting happiness.

  • _This article has been adapted and translated from the original "7 cosas en las que la gente rica jamás gasta su dinero y en las que tampoco deberías hacerlo tú" which was originally published on

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