What your man really perceives with the emojis you use in your texts

You'll be surprised to see what he actually thinks you're saying.

What your man really perceives with the emojis you use in your texts

You'll be surprised to see what he actually thinks you're saying.
  • When was the last time you sent a text message without emojis? Those little guys have become inevitable in texting. We use them to make sure our texts don't appear too mean, to convey emotion and so much more.

  • If you're anything like me, you probably have a few favorite emojis that you use all the time. It's easy to insert an emoji and hit the send button, but did you ever wonder if a person on the receiving end knows what you really meant? Your boyfriend or husband may be perceiving those emoticons differently than you do. Seriously!

  • Hearts ❤️❤️❤️

  • Even though he'd never admit it, your man probably prefers getting a heart emoji than any other. Why? Hearts are easy to understand, they're easy to decipher and they signify you're in a good mood. While other emojis can mean different things to you and your guy, hearts are straightforward.

  • Multiple emojis ???

  • Do you have a habit of sending multiple emojis at once (sometimes without any text whatsoever)? If so, you should definitely stop. When you send a lot of emojis at once, it can be hard for your man to understand.

  • Men prefer specific and precise texts; emojis tend to complicate your text messages. Your boyfriend (or any other guy) doesn't really want to spend his time trying to figure out if you chose thoze emojis randomly or if you're trying to convey a certain message.

  • Thumbs up ???

  • Us girls usually use thumbs up to say "OK" or "way to go." However, men perceive a thumbs up as sarcasm. So using a thumbs up might cause your man to mistake your positivity for sarcasm.

  • Sad faces ???

  • Sad faces are the classic example of how men and women perceive emojis differently. Have you ever felt sad and depicted your emotions with one - or a few - sad emojis but your boyfriend didn't take it seriously? (I've been there, done that!) If emoji creators knew how many arguments sad faces would cause, they'd never have invented them in the first place.

  • When you send a sad face, you're saying, "I am beyond sad." However, your boyfriend thinks "If she's expressing her sadness in emojis, it must not be that terrible."

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  • A girl raising her arm ???

  • When you use the emoji of the girl raising her arm, you may mean different things - you're tired, you have a headache, you're surprised. So it shouldn't be surprising that this emoji has numerous interpretations. How does your man interpret this emoji?

  • Emojis are popular among both men and women, but we understand them differently. Men usually prefer easy-to-understand emojis and only one emoji at a time. Although we perceive emojis differently, they can be helpful in conveying things quickly through text. Not only that, but one thing is for sure - emojis are incredibly fun and cute.?

Diana Clark has gone a long path from being a teacher to a successful career and life coach. She loves guiding people through their daily routine. Diana attended:"Teamworks: Building Support Groups That Guarantee Success" designed by Barbara Sher. She uses some Barbara's ideas while writing. Diana's faith motivates her to use her unique gifts to inspire and help others reclaim their power. Spirituality is a huge and wonderful part of her life. She finds motivation in something that means the most to her: her family. You can find her on LinkedIn at: or Twitter at:


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