10 cute and easy daughter hairdos any parent can do

You might not consider yourself a hair-wizard but you can definitely do these adorable hairstyles on your daughter in no time at all.

10 cute and easy daughter hairdos any parent can do

You might not consider yourself a hair-wizard but you can definitely do these adorable hairstyles on your daughter in no time at all.
  • You want your daughter's hair to be cute, but you might feel like you lack time and (or talent) to style her hair. Luckily, there are lots of quick and easy hairstyles that your daughter will love. You may not consider yourself a master at doing kids' hair, but I guarantee you'll be able to do these cute, fun and sassy hairstyles on your daughter.

  • 1. Braided ponytail

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  • This cute look is so easy to create. Just brush your daughter's hair into a high ponytail (don't part the hair, just brush it all back) and tie it off with a rubber band. Then weave the ponytail into a standard three-strand braid till you reach the bottom of her locks and tie off with another rubberband.

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  • 2. High pigtails

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  • When it comes to pigtails, the higher the better. You can whip this style up on your daughter in just a few minutes. Simply part her hair in two, use a brush to comb the hair smoothly up to the to top of her head and wrap the pigtails with fun, colorful scrunchies. To copy this adorable girl's crimped waves, simply have your daughter sleep with braided hair and undo her hair in the morning before putting it into pigtails.

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  • 3. Dutch braid side pony

  • This hairdo might look intimidating, but it's actually quite easy. Create a deep side part in your daughter's hair, then begin dutch-braiding on the bigger side. Curve the dutch braid around the side of her head as you go, until you've rounded the back and end up on the other side. End the braid off with a cute side ponytail.

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  • 4. Two-band pony

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  • Your daughter will love this playful variation on a regular pony tail. Section off the top half of her hair and pull into a high ponytail. Then gather the remaining at the bottom half of her head and form into a low ponytail, including the end of the top ponytail as you tie the rubberband.

  • 5. Scarf braid

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  • Let your daughter pick out her favorite thin-fabric scarf. Section off the top part of her hair as if you were about to start a french braid and tie the scarf onto the hair. Make the tie is in the middle portion of the scarf so that two evenly-lengthed sections are hanging down. Now weave a french braid like normal, but treat the scarf as one of the three strands.

  • 6. Fish braid

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  • Your daughter will love the look of this intricate braid, and you'll love how surprisingly simple it actually is to create. Simply section her hair into two, then take one small strand from the outside part of the right section and tightly pull it over to join the left section. Next, take a small strand from the outside of the left section and tightly pull it over to join the right section. Keep repeating this pattern until you reach the bottom of her hair and finish off with a rubber band. Add a bow for extra cuteness.

  • 7. Ponytail with a twist

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  • Play up your daughter's ponytail with this little but noticeable addition. Make a deep part in her hair and pull the bigger side out of the way. Then make another part an inch or two down the side of her head from her first part. Pull the loose hair below the second part out of the way so that all you have remaining is a stripe of loose hair. Then dutch braid that small section of hair until you reach the bottom and tie off with a small elastic. Pull all her hair up into a high pony, and voila!

  • 8. 5-second clip back

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  • Some mornings, you only have a few seconds to make your daughter's hair look presentable. Luckily, there are several super-quick ways to style your little girl's hair, including this simple clip back look. Make a deep side part, section off the top part of the hair on the bigger side of the part, and clip it back with your favorite clip, bow or other hair accessory.

  • 9. Peek-a-boo buns

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  • To get this adorable look, begin with parting your daughter's hair into three sections - an upside down T as pictured. Starting with the bottom section, make two little braids braided all the way down to the ends and tie off with little elastics. Up at the top, twist each section of hair and form into tightly wound little buns, securing with bobby pins or a hair tie. Lastly, take the little braid on the right and pin the end up at the base of the left bun, and vice versa for the remaining braid.

  • 10. Bubble braid

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  • Your daughter will feel like a princess with this hair-do, and you'll feel happy you only had to spend five minutes doing her hair. Pull her hair into a tight high pony and tie it in place with a rubber band. Gather several small plastic bands and tie them into her ponytail an inch or two apart each until you reach the bottom. To give the sections between bands a more 'bubbly' look, gently pull at the hair in each section.

  • Your daughter is sure to be even more adorable as she rocks these cute and easy hair dos. Have fun (and try not to pull her hair too much!)

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