Woman was paralyzed after being hit by a drunk driver; no one could believe what her fiancé did next

Valentine's Day 2016 will be a day this couple will never forget.

Woman was paralyzed after being hit by a drunk driver; no one could believe what her fiancé did next

Valentine's Day 2016 will be a day this couple will never forget.
  • Anna Claire Waldorp and her fiancé, James (Jimbo), were on their way home from a friend's birthday party on Valentine's Day 2016 when their lives changed forever.

  • They noticed someone was coming up fast behind them, and before they knew it, they were hit by a drunk driver. Their car rolled four times, Jimbo was ejected from the car and Anna Claire was left inside, unable to move. She told People, "I was aware I couldn't move, but it wasn't until I saw other suffering patients at therapy that it hit me - I was very scared."

  • Anna Claire was left quadriplegic - paralyzed in both arms and both legs

  • Just one month earlier, the couple got engaged and planned to get married in October 2016. October was only nine months after the accident.

  • Instead of giving up hope and changing their plans, the couple decided to use their upcoming wedding date as motivation for Anna Claire to recover from her injuries. She worked hard in therapy, and she was even able to go wedding gown shopping during one of her therapy sessions according to Today.

  • Anna Claire said that her fiancé, Jimbo, was nothing but supportive throughout the whole recovery period. She said, "I never once saw him getting upset, I mean he was just always so strong and positive." Nothing was going to tear this couple apart.

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  • Childhood sweethearts

  • The couple grew up together in Albany, Michigan and have been good friends since fifth grade. They started dating in 11th grade, and started planning for their future together. They attended the same college, and they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

  • The accident that left Anna Claire quadriplegic wasn't going to change these plans.

  • They proved everyone wrong

  • Anna Claire told Inside Edition, "We would hear stories of couples who were married for years and would break up after this situation...We were like, 'No, we are getting married and we are going to live together.'"

  • Even Jimbo's parents were skeptical about the situation. He said, "My parents would be like, 'Jimbo, you might oughta rethink this." Jimbo, however, was determined to do whatever it took to marry the woman he had loved since childhood.

  • Determination paid off

  • The couple was married on their original wedding date, October 22, 2016. Anna Claire said, "It was emotional thinking about having to be in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic for my wedding, instead of everything I had always envisioned, but it was beautiful and I'm finally happy now."

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  • The newlyweds were able to defy all the odds and start a life together. Anna Claire is working toward a career in speech pathology and achieving her goal of being a working quadriplegic. The couple is happily married and so grateful that this accident only made their relationship stronger.

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