Get better skin in 30 MINUTES with this crazy beauty treatment anyone can do

This actually works on EVERY person.

Get better skin in 30 MINUTES with this crazy beauty treatment anyone can do

This actually works on EVERY person.
  • You're probably thinking "30 minutes? It's impossible for my skin to get better in just 30 minutes. It won't work for me." Well, you're wrong.

  • Have you heard of the Korean body scrub? Once you have, you're going to start fantasizing about shedding off your old skin like a dirty old cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly. Seriously, you're going to have the skin of a newborn babe after this.

  • What is the Korean body scrub?

  • It's the Korean practice of removing all the dirt, gunk and dead skin that naturally accumulates on your body. A Korean scrub mistress uses a thin loofah towel and a lot of elbow grease to rub little gray rolls of this stuff off your body, revealing soft, new clean skin.

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  • Here's the play-by-play

  • So before anything, you've got to remove your clothes. Yep, even those comfy smocks and shorts the spa gives you have to go. If you've never been to a bathhouse before, the idea of walking around nude in a public area might be daunting to you, but put on your big girl pants (obviously not literally) and do it. You'll be surprised by how not weird it is. The hot tub rooms are accessed through the locker rooms and are separated by gender. In other words, you'll only be around women. So don't worry, even the most modest find hot tubbing in the nude to be a comfortable experience.

  • Which is great because hot tubbing is exactly what you do next. You need to get your skin wet and warm so it's ready to be removed from your body (because sloughing skin off when it's dry sounds like - OUCH!). You just soak in there for about 15 minutes. Island Spa and Sauna has three hot tubs in each room of varying temperatures, including one with herbs that are beneficial to your skin.

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  • As you sit in the hot tub, pondering the fact that you are naked in public and about to have all the dead skin removed from your body, a little woman in a black bathing suit will approach you and tell you that it's time for your Korean body scrub.

  • She will lead you back behind a little wall and have you lie down on a massage table. She'll put a towel over your private parts and your eyes and then she starts sloughing the dead skin from your body.

  • It's hard to see what's going on with the little warm towel covering your eyes and all, but here's what's up: The scrub mistress is wearing special gloves that help make her able to easily exfoliate your skin. She rubs every piece of your body to get all that gunk off and adds oils and more warm water to aid the process.

  • At first, the feeling of having all the skin rubbed from your body can be a little uncomfortable, like being rolled around by waves on a sandy ocean floor. However, after the first couple minutes, you become accustomed to the sensation and it's actually pretty satisfying.

  • So you lie there and she rubs every bit and piece of you. She'll bend your arms and legs around so she can find the nooks and crannies where dead skin especially likes to hide out. She'll have you turn over on your belly and then your side, and at that point, you might sneak a peek at what's going on. You'll see little pills - much like eraser shavings - clinging to the wet table around you. You will realize that these "eraser shavings" are actually your skin. Maybe that's kind of gross, but it's also strangely satisfying to see your body relieved of all that gunk.

  • After half an hour of this skin-purification process, the scrub mistress will pour a couple buckets of warm water over your body (gotta get rid of those little pills of skin), rub some oily lotion on your body and send you over to the showers (seriously, you don't want those pills of skin hanging around).

  • What are the results?

  • After you're all showered, lotioned and dressed comes the truly magical part, when you touch and feel your skin, you realize that never in your life has your skin felt like this. It is so smooth and soft and feels like petting a newborn baby unicorn. Just sooooo smooth and soft.

  • Without going to over the top here, getting a Korean body scrub is also curiously liberating. If you want the shedding of your old skin to serve as some kind of life metaphor you totally could because after a Korean body scrub you feel detoxed from your old self and ready to conquer life in your new skin. (Was that being dramatic? Maybe, but maybe not.)

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  • So your cleansed new you is ready to become fully rejuvenated with the rest of her time at the Korean spa. She'll go re-center herself with the free yoga class, detoxify in one of the five saunas or just get comfy with some Korean barbecue and a bubble tea. You'll probably do all of those things because the new you knows she's worth it and does whatever she wants.

  • Book your Korean body scrub by clicking here. (And you get to spend all day basking in the wonderfulness of the saunas for only 29 dollars.)

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