8 reasons you're not losing weight

Still unsure why your new routine isn’t shedding the pounds? Here are 8 secret reasons why you’re struggling to slim down.

8 reasons you're not losing weight

Still unsure why your new routine isn’t shedding the pounds? Here are 8 secret reasons why you’re struggling to slim down.
  • So you've decided to take control of your life and get into shape. But even with all your effort you're still not losing as much as you should. With so many fads, tips and tricks out there, how do you know what works and what doesn't? When it comes to your health it can be hard to tell fact from fiction so here are eight real life reasons why you're not losing the weight.

  • 1. Food allergies

  • There's a real danger to undiagnosed food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. It can cause damage and inflammation to your system if the allergy is severe enough, but even slight allergies can be problematic. Consistent bloating and water weight are typical for mild problems with certain foods, says Everyday Health. These can include dairy, eggs, shellfish, nuts, fruits, gluten, corn and other foods and food additives.

  • So for example, eating whole wheat bread is better than white bread for losing weight. But gluten-free bread is best if you're allergic to wheat. And almond butter is healthier than peanut butter, but not if you're allergic to almonds. Tracking your food allergies can help you avoid bloat and get you on the track to a healthier you.

  • 2. Hidden carbs

  • Many pre-packaged and prepare foods have hidden carbohydrates. Additives like corn starch, wheat gluten, corn syrup and other sugars add empty calories to your food in an effort to control consistency and flavor. Shelf-life matters more to these companies than your waistline, so read the labels and watch out for any ingredients you wouldn't add yourself if you were making it at home.

  • 3. Happy hour

  • Going to happy hour with your girlfriends can derail your weekly routine. Those extra carbs and calories from a few drinks and snacks can add up over time. Don't let all the hard work you're doing throughout the week go to waste. Sip on sparkling water instead to stay on track.

  • 4. Routine workouts

  • Your body is an efficient machine designed to get better at whatever it does while expending less energy to do it. You will probably hit a plateau once your body has gotten used to a particular workout routine. Switch up your workout exercises, intervals and intensity to keep losing at a steady pace.

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  • 5. Your kitchen

  • Eating food prepared by another person (or a machine) is always a gamble. Food factories and restaurants tend to add fat, salt and carbs in quantities you definitely can't control. It's best to cook your own food or invest in healthy home meal deliveries to help you lose that weight.

  • 6. Unchecked stress

  • Stress has a big impact on the body. Stress hormones can trigger adrenal fatigue which can make you feel tired and cause weight gain, according to a Hormones & Balance article on the topic. Keeping your stress in check will help your body let go of extra weight.

  • 7. Skipping breakfast

  • Skipping or skimping on any meal is bad news - eating keeps you metabolism up to avoid going into starvation mode. But skipping or skimping on breakfast is especially bad. Because you've already been fasting for the six to eight hours you've been asleep, you'll literally be running on empty until you get a proper meal. Make time to have a proper breakfast to keep your weight loss goals.

  • 8. Your sleeping habits

  • Good sleep is considered deep and restful. It's uninterrupted for six to nine hours at night, every night. If any of those factors is off it can affect your weight drastically, as outlined by WebMD. Disturbed sleep also affect your stress levels, aggravate medical conditions and even cause neurological disturbances. Getting a good night's rest (consistently) is key to being as healthy as can be.

  • It can be especially trying when you feel like you're doing everything right yet you're still losing the battle of the bulge. Diet and exercise are key, but other life circumstances can affect your body chemistry and keep you from slimming down. Try these methods and keep up the good work.

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