Woman had no idea she was 8 months pregnant, but what caused her to discover it is the craziest part

This baby was a true miracle.

Woman had no idea she was 8 months pregnant, but what caused her to discover it is the craziest part

This baby was a true miracle.
  • Calvin and Brooke Williams from Provo, Utah, got the surprise of their lives when Brooke started having some mysterious health complications.

  • She started having seizures

  • After having a seizure one morning, Brooke's husband knew something was horribly wrong and rushed her to the hospital. There, she had five more seizures. She underwent a series of tests, but the results had doctors scratching their heads.

  • She received unexpected results

  • The tests revealed that Brooke was pregnant, and she wasn't just a few weeks along. She had been pregnant for eight months and had no idea.

  • When she was a little girl, doctors told her that she would never be able to have a baby of her own because of a brain tumor. She and her husband didn't think having a baby would ever be a possibility, so the idea that she might be pregnant never crossed their minds.

  • It was a genuine surprise

  • Calvin told KSL News in an interview, "She never had any sickness, she never felt her stomach move." Their GoFundMe page also said that "because of her cancer, [Brooke] gets irregular periods that either last two weeks or are nonexistent for five or more months." The couple was in the process of adopting at the time, so her pregnancy really was a true surprise.

  • A real miracle

  • Their daughter, Gracie Mae, was born 5 pounds 8 ounces, as healthy as could be. The couple was shocked at their baby's condition, because she had no prenatal care and was born a month early.

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  • The couple was absolutely thrilled. Calvin said, "I just honestly just stared at, that's mine." He also said a rollercoaster of emotions came with the fact that he and Brooke didn't think they would ever have kids.

  • The couple and little Gracie have been overwhelmed with love and support from community members and strangers who have been touched by their story. The Williams' family has never been happier.

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