Danish babies cry WAY less than average; here's why (and how you can replicate it)

If you could help your baby cry less, would you? What if it meant changing your life?

Danish babies cry WAY less than average; here's why (and how you can replicate it)

If you could help your baby cry less, would you? What if it meant changing your life?
  • Nothing quite compares to a brand new baby. The fresh smell, the tiny hands and feet, the silky hair and the sweetness that comes along with infants.

  • But there's also crying. Lots of crying.

  • Yet, it seems that Danish babies tend to cry less than babies in other parts of the world. Why?

  • The answer isn't definitive, but it makes a lot of sense. "It could be that in Denmark inequality is lower, mothers have a ton of maternity leave (four weeks before the baby is born, 52 weeks after, which can be shared), or the fact that they have good schools and health care," according to this article.

  • Dieter Wolke from University of Warwick's psychology department (and other researchers) noted that the Danes not only have calm babies, but are also among the happiest in the world. "They found that the Danish did well because [Danish mothers] are quite relaxed but they wait a minute or to so see if the babies can self sooth."

  • So yes, being Danish might mean you baby cries less ... but what if you're not Danish? What can you do?

  • Calm down

  • Emotions are contagious, so to speak. So if you're a stressed out parent trying to soothe a baby, you might not get very far untilyou can take a few deep breaths and relax. Babies can sense what you're feeling. If you're uptight, have had a rough day or are otherwise upset, consider taking a moment to let it go before you care for your infant.

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  • Try these simple tricks

    • Yoga is not only good exercise, but also helps you learn to relax and calm yourself, letting go of stress and negativity.

    • Before tending your baby, have an imaginary box or place where you can "place" all the things that have you stressed or upset so you can focus your attention on your tiny human. When you're done caring for your child, you can collect your burdens again to deal with them.

    • When caring for your fussy baby, turn on calming, soothing music to help lower stress and negativity.

    • Simplify your life as much as possible. Don't over-schedule yourself or put on pressures that are unnecessary.

    • Take calming breaths until you actually feel more relaxed.

    • If possible, get a regular massage or take a bubble bath in the evening to unwind.

    • Make sure to take time for yourself to reset and recharge your soul. You can't keep giving if you're running on empty.

  • Caring for babies is hard work, made more difficult if your infant is crying more than not. Babies can learn to self sooth, but it also helps if they are surrounded by a calm environment and parents who are not holding onto tension.

  • Even if creating a more relaxed you and atmosphere doesn't help your baby cry less, it will help you feel better and more equipped to deal with all the crying. And that will make you a happier mama.

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