Fall in love with your spouse again by taking this 30 day marriage challenge

In one month you and your spouse are sure to grow closer together.

Fall in love with your spouse again by taking this 30 day marriage challenge

In one month you and your spouse are sure to grow closer together.
  • Would you like to grow closer to your spouse? What couple doesn't? Marriage can be hard work, but it is so rewarding, especially when spouses focus on strengthening their relationship together.

  • Your marriage is sure to strengthen if you're intentionally making an effort each day to love your spouse. And the good news is, we've written up a list of 30 specific challenges for you and your spouse to try out. Just doing one thing each day gets you a stronger marriage at the end of the month.

  • Now, if you're worried about squeezing this into your already busy schedules, don't be worried. None of the individual daily challenges are difficult or time-consuming - in fact, they're meant to be fun and exciting. The trick is to be consistent and make it a goal to actually fulfill each challenge, each day. Make it part of your routine, like brushing your teeth. From fun dates to little service ideas, you and your spouse are sure to grow closer together day by day (not to mention the memories you'll build over the month).

  • You'll be amazed at how much your marriage can improve in just one month by doing these simple things. Try out our 30 day love challenge and make your relationship even better:

  • 1. When you wake up, ask your spouse, "What can I do to make your day better?

  • 2. Sit down and plan a special date night for the next soonest available night in your schedule

  • 3. Go the whole day without correcting/criticizing your spouse

  • 4. Turn off all electronics (phone, TV, computer) while you're home together today

  • 5. Give your spouse foot and neck massages

  • 6. Leave your partner a short handwritten note

  • 7. Send your spouse a flirty text in the middle of the day

  • 8. Make a meal together

  • 9. Go the whole day focusing on kindness towards your partner

  • 10. Give your darling a compliment you've never said before

  • 11. Read a poem or short story and discuss it together

  • 12. Go on a lunch date

  • 13. Surprise your spouse with a small (inexpensive or handmade) gift

  • 14. Go the whole day without complaining in front of your love

  • 15. Go through old photos together

  • 16. Do a chore your spouse hates to do

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  • 17. Go for a walk or a hike together

  • 18. Thank your spouse for something you appreciate

  • 19. Exercise together

  • 20. Have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with your spouse

  • 21. Go the whole day focusing on showing patience towards your spouse

  • 22. Go for a drive together without a specific destination in mind

  • 23. Ask your spouse what they need help with today

  • 24. Take a silly picture together

  • 25. Play a game together

  • 26. Ask your spouse what their goals and dreams are

  • 27. Ask your partner what you can do to improve your marriage

  • 28. Do a small creative project together

  • 29. Go the whole day focusing on being a good listener to your spouse

  • 30. Reflect on your favorite parts of your 30 day love challenge

  • Try out our 30 day love challenge CALENDAR (free to download and print) and keep the challenge in sight (and in mind) every day!

McKenna Park is a staff writer at FamilyShare. She's a happy wife, puppy mama, ice cream addict and film nerd. Website:

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