8 gestures to make your husband feel loved

Looking for a unique way to show your husband how much you love him? Check out these eight need-to-try gestures.

8 gestures to make your husband feel loved

Looking for a unique way to show your husband how much you love him? Check out these eight need-to-try gestures.
  • He is your everything, and you are his. That bond between you two grows stronger every day, but you don't need us to tell you that.

  • After years or even just months together, finding a unique way to show your husband how much you love him becomes incredibly difficult. No fear! With a little creativity you can easily help your man to feel more loved than ever.

  • To get you started, here are eight gestures you can use to show your husband that he means more than the world to you.

  • 1. Clean the bathroom

  • Not the most fun activity, but one way to make your husband feel loved is to let him know that you're both working toward the same goals. He needs to know that you're on his side.

  • Do you have a mutual goal on your to-do lists? Maybe you've been holding off cleaning the car (we've all been there). Or maybe you've yet to go through those boxes holed up in storage. Set aside some time to do a chore that your husband will appreciate having done. Show him that you've got his back.

  • 2. Wash your hair

  • We pride ourselves on how many days we've gone without washing our hair like it's a badge of honor. But if you were to ask your husband, he'd probably say that he loves it when you walk out with clean hair. Let's face it, you like the way you look and feel with clean hair, too.

  • Show that extra effort for your husband. He deserves to know that he's worth an extra few minutes in the shower.

  • 3. Buy a special treat

  • Remember, be creative! Ask his family what foods and treats he hasn't had since he was a kid. Can he go through a box of Mott's fruit snacks faster than your kids? Buy a box that's just for him! Or buy a delicious treat neither of you has tried before. Or make it a fun date night by baking an exotic dessert together.

  • Whatever you do, make a memory out of it. Have a big reveal or take pictures. Make even the small, ordinary moments matter in your relationship.

  • 4. Wear that outfit that he likes

  • Who cares if you wore that shirt and jeans earlier this week? Not him! Ask your husband what outfits he likes to see you wear. Especially if you're not the girl to reuse outfits often, your husband will love knowing that you're wearing that outfit just for him.

  • 5. Stop saying "I'm sorry" so much

  • Do you ever apologize for apologizing? Or say "thank you" to every little thing your husband does? In an effort to appear humble, sometimes we come off as submissive. We don't feel confident and it shows.

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  • When you act confidently, your husband knows that he's doing his job. He wants to build you up. He's your biggest cheerleader (sorry, Mom). You build his confidence when he sees that he's building yours.

  • 6. Watch a scary movie in a cemetery

  • Yep, you read that one right. It's all about getting out of your comfort zone so your man the chance to protect you. He loves it when you put your trust in his safety and care.

  • Whatever your fears are, let him in to help you overcome them. Whether that's going skydiving, performing in front of an audience, or yes, even watching a horror film in a cemetery at night, let your husband be there to take care of you. One of the best ways for him to feel loved is to feel needed.

  • 7. Tease him

  • Along with feeling needed, your man needs to know that you have fun with him. Don't roll your eyes if he makes a ridiculous joke. Build off of it and keep the joke going! Laughing together is a quick way to show your husband that you're glad you married him.

  • Teasing him especially can break down a lot of walls if you two are having an off day. Never be mean, keep the teasing light. He'll pick it up and start teasing you back. Those are the moments when your man knows he's got his partner in crime and his best friend right by his side.

  • 8. Take him out on a "Treat Yo' Self" day

  • Ever seen "Parks and Recreation"? Sometimes you and your husband just need a "Treat Yo' Self" day. This means a day away from the stresses of daily life - a day to relax and unwind. You both deserve a break from time to time. Taking your husband out for a treat yo' self day shows him how much you appreciate his hard work. Looking to show you love him? Show him that you appreciate him.

  • Ask him what his idea of a treat yo' self day looks like. Spending a day at the spa? You'd be surprised how many guys enjoy relaxing at a spa, with a full day of massages, body scrubs and hot tubs. Yep, sign us up.

  • No one can make your husband feel loved like you can. He needs you. Not every gesture of love has to be creative or elaborate. Just be you, and don't stop loving him like crazy.

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