15 signs he doesn't actually love you — he might not even like you

You deserve better.

15 signs he doesn't actually love you — he might not even like you

You deserve better.
  • New relationships are fun and exciting, but not if you have doubts about whether or not your partner loves you. You may be head over heels but it won't work if he doesn't feel the same way. Is there a way to know for sure?

  • While there may not be a test he can take to prove his love, there are warning signs you can look out for. Here are 15 signs that he might not actually feel that way about you.

  • 1. He's on his phone the entire time you're together

  • If he's answering a few texts or Snapchats, it's probably fine. However, if he doesn't look up from his screen the whole time you're together, that's a problem. It shows that he thinks whatever is he's doing on his phone is more important than the time you're spending together.

  • 2. He only hangs out with you as a last resort

  • If he's only hanging out with you when all his other friends are preoccupied, he's definitely not in love with you.

  • 3. He's rude to you

  • This one seems obvious, but so many people don't recognize it at first. He'll claim he's joking, but it's never OK to be made fun of, especially by someone you're in a relationship with.

  • 4. He constantly makes you feel worthless

  • This also seems obvious, but it's often overlooked. If he makes you feel inferior or like you don't mean anything to him, he doesn't love you. Someone who did would build you up.

  • 5. He lies

  • Lying in a relationship is disrespectful and should never be tolerated (unless it's for a surprise or something nice). You can't love someone if you can't trust them.

  • 6. He cheats

  • If he's going off with other girls and cheating on you, he's obviously still looking to date around. This shows immaturity and that he's not ready for a real relationship.

  • 7. He talks about making plans, but ...

  • They never happen. He'll say he wants to hang out this weekend, but you don't hear from him until Sunday night when he asks how your weekend was.

  • 8. He treats you the same way he treats his friends

  • This can actually be a good sign in some cases because couples are like best friends in a healthy, ideal relationship. However, if he's never giving you any indication that his feelings are different toward you than they are for his friends, you're not headed for a romantic relationship.

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  • 9. He won't have anything to do with your family

  • If you've been together for quite some time and he still refuses to meet your parents or siblings, this is a red flag. If he really loved you, he would be willing to put in the effort to develop relationships that are important to you.

  • 10. He's flirty with other girls

  • If he's constantly flirting with other girls or if you see that he still has dating apps on his phone, he's not ready to settle.

  • 11. None of his friends or family have ever heard of you

  • He's not in love if he has never mentioned you to his friends and family. He doesn't see your relationship getting serious, so there's not need for people to know you're in the picture.

  • 12. You start the conversation every single time

  • You shouldn't have to start the conversation every time. He should put in the effort to send you a nice text every once in a while or give you a call to let you know he's thinking about you.

  • 13. He makes you feel inferior when you talk about your interests

  • If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about your interests with him because you know he'll make fun of you, break up with him. He can't love you at all if he's not supportive or respectful of the things you love.

  • 14. You don't feel good when you're with him

  • He doesn't love you if he's constantly degrading you and making you feel small, unimportant or insignificant.

  • 15. Your mom has a bad feeling

  • OK, this isn't technically proven, but I'm pretty sure moms have some type of super power where they just know if the person you're dating isn't good for you. My mom was right every single time.

  • You may love him, but every person deserves to be loved and valued in a in return. Your partner should make you feel like the most important person in the world. If you're not getting that out of your relationship,make the changes necessary to do what's best for you.

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