What you need to know before you start dating an independent woman

She's not like other girls you've dated...

What you need to know before you start dating an independent woman

She's not like other girls you've dated...
  • The woman you've been dating is definitely different from girls in the past. She's not clinging to your arm when you're around other people, she's more busy than other women you've dated, and that makes you worry that she's not interested in you.

  • You're dating an independent woman, and she is interested in you, she just shows it differently. Here's what you need to know before you start getting serious with her:

  • She needs her alone time

  • The woman you're dating is comfortable being on her own, and she needs space every once in a while. That doesn't mean she's annoyed by you, although she might be if you don't ever let her have her own space.

  • Her alone time is nothing personal. You're dating someone who enjoys her own company! Take pride in that.

  • She can take care of herself

  • But that doesn't mean she doesn't want you to take care of her. She doesn't need you to do everything for her, but she still needs to know she can let her guard down around you. Give her some space to do her own thing, but let her know you're always available when she needs your help.

  • She can make her own friends

  • She doesn't need you to hover around her when you go to parties with your friends. If she doesn't know many people, she'll go meet them. She doesn't need you to be her security blanket.

  • She takes her work seriously

  • Don't expect her to just ditch work because you got baseball tickets at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday. She has goals and ambitions, and you'll be so much more attractive to her if you respect her and take pride in her dedication.

  • She's stubborn

  • She knows how she likes things done. She knows her stubbornness isn't one of her best qualities, but it's hard to put it aside when it helped her find success. Please be patient with her.

  • Sometimes you wonder whether she needs you

  • She does. Please stay with her. She may not always be the best at showing it, but you mean the world to her.

  • She still needs lots of love and affection

  • She won't ever admit it, but she loves receiving flowers and chocolates. She loves those long hugs you give her. Her desire for independence will never overthrow her desire to be loved.

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  • Every woman wants to be loved, but each one expresses her needs differently. Any man should consider himself lucky if he gets the chance to fall with an independent woman!

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