6 subtle signs it’s not just about sex (he genuinely loves you!)

Not sure if your lover really loves you? Here are 6 subtle signs it's not just about sex.

6 subtle signs it’s not just about sex (he genuinely loves you!)

Not sure if your lover really loves you? Here are 6 subtle signs it's not just about sex.
  • Not sure if your lover is in it for "one thing" or the real thing? It can be confusing when a passionate romance starts to feel like something do you know it's really love? Here are six subtle ways to tell if you have something serious.

  • 1. He wants to see you in the day time

  • If your guy likes to spend time with you in the daylight and not just in the wee hours, he's interested in more than just sleeping over. Afternoon dates and wanting to see you before he goes to work means you're on his mind. When your mister wants to see you all the time, he's looking for companionship, not just intimacy.

  • 2. He wants to see you when you're "off limits"

  • Even if you are feeling blue or have a headache and are saying "no" to intimacy, he still wants your company. Even better, he'll do all he can to help you feel better. A guy who wants your time more than your body will be there for you no matter what.

  • 3. He wants you when you're not dressed up

  • It's about more than sex when he doesn't need you to be all dressed up to be attracted to you. He likes you barefaced, in sweat pants and sporting a ponytail just as much as when you are in a pretty dress, wearing stilettos and have your hair and makeup done.

  • 4. He checks on you when you're apart

  • Your man actually cares when he shows that he misses you. He'll call and text to check up on you if he hasn't heard from you in a while. He wants to know what you're up to and how you are. It's not just so you'll want to come over, it's because he wants to be a part of your life, even when you're not right by his side.

  • 5. He doesn't mind going public

  • A man who's truly into you has no problem showing you off in public or posting pictures of your adventures. He'll introduce you to his friends, talk about you at work and meet your friends if you're open to it. He's not fazed by others knowing you have something with each other. And he's certainly not scared of what other people think.

  • 6. He's not interested in anyone else

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  • You've got a good thing going if your guy is not only seeing anyone else, but he's also not interested in meeting anyone else. He's satisfied with what he has and doesn't need to play the field or wander about. Give the guy extra points if you catch another girl trying to chat him up and see him gracefully bow out of the opportunity. He's all about you and wouldn't jeopardize your relationship by flirting with another lady.

  • It can be hard to tell what keeps a man coming back, but there are some ways to know if your mister is here to stay. If your man wants to spend time with you with no guarantee of intimacy, you've got a good thing going.

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