4 times it's OK to lie in your relationship

You might think lying is never OK in love. But there are actually 5 times when it’s totally fine to fib.

4 times it's OK to lie in your relationship

You might think lying is never OK in love. But there are actually 5 times when it’s totally fine to fib.
  • Honesty is usually the best policy in relationships. But you'll be hard-pressed to find a guy or gal who doesn't bend the truth every now and again. Every now and then slightly tall tales are perfectly fine. Here are five times it's OK to lie in love.

  • 1. If you feel unsafe

  • Sometimes relationships can become threatening or unpredictable. Unfortunately, emotional, verbal or physical violence can make honesty a dangerous decision. If you don't feel totally safe expressing your experiences or thoughts to your significant other, keep things quiet until you're in a safer situation. Once you find comfort and security in friends, family or a professional, tell the truth and ask for help.

  • 2. If your family doubts your relationship

  • Most people want to know what their friends and family think of their partner. But when the consensus isn't so flattering, you may be better off letting your love think they're held in good regards. Telling your partner that your friends don't like them doesn't help your relationship. It makes sense to protect your companion from unenthusiastic opinions if you can.

  • 3. If you don't like what they're wearing

  • Whenever your other half asks how they look, the answer can become treacherous territory. If you don't like what they are wearing but know they look good in anything, just give them the compliment they're looking for. You can also skirt the issue by bringing up another outfit you love on them, subtly reminding them of a different fit that's really flattering.

  • 4. If they've let themselves go a little

  • You may notice if your better half has gained weight or gotten out of shape. People tend to relax in relationships, hence the nickname "love handles". Whether you spot a slightly softer physique or they ask about their spreading sides, just smile and embrace them. If their shifting shape truly starts to bother you or you're concerned about your partner's health, suggest joining them in a lifestyle change to promote healthy habits. As a couple start eating better, exercising more, and indulging less.

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  • A stealthy approach to the truth is sometimes appropriate, but don't make a habit of hiding the truth. No matter the situation, always remember that with great honesty comes great responsibility. Keep the needs of others in mind as you navigate the truths of life.

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