13 things your wife secretly wants (but will never tell you)

Your wife is silently begging for these things. Are you fulfilling her needs?

13 things your wife secretly wants (but will never tell you)

Your wife is silently begging for these things. Are you fulfilling her needs?
  • Look, communication is essential and your relationship won't survive without it. But something your wife really craves is for you to NOT ask what she needs. No one's going to deny that this is challenging, but the effort is so worth it. When you anticipate her needs without her having to say them out loud, she feels understood.

  • But because it can be hard to know what your wife silently wants, here's a list of some little things that make a big difference for her:

  • 1. Your old sweatshirt

  • She loves feeling all small inside your sweatshirt and taking in your scent with every breath. But even when she's freezing, she doesn't want to make you take off your hoodie or coat. When you hand it to her without her asking, she is so grateful for your sacrifice.

  • 2. To sleep in

  • We don't even need to explain this one. You already know sleeping in is a beautiful luxury your wife only dreams of. Keep the room dark, take the kids out of the house or do her morning chores so she can indulge in some extra Z's.

  • 3. Your dirty socks in the hamper

  • There is nothing sexy about finding used cereal bowls tucked into the corner or piles of sweaty clothes on the floor. She needs to see you as a responsible adult who respects both himself and her enough to keep things tidy.

  • 4. You to watch her favorite cheesy movie

  • When you show interest in things your wife likes - especially if you don't really like them - you make her feel important. She doesn't want to ask you to do something you don't like to do, so she won't make you. Take the initiative to go rock climbing or to watercolor with her so she feels special.

  • 5. New kitchen tools

  • You might feel totally lame buying her a new skillet, but she actually does want it. Get her something seriously awesome for the kitchen like a vegetable spiralizer or a food slicer to make healthy meals easy, reduce the time she spends in the kitchen and make cooking more fun.

  • 6. A love letter

  • Even if she's not a woman who likes to tuck in for four hours of Mr. Darcy, she'll still melt if she gets a letter from you. Whether you say it through the postal system or tuck it into one of her coat pockets, as long as it is a genuine expression of your feelings for her, she'll be overjoyed to receive it.

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  • 7. A "good morning" text

  • You're probably waking up right next to her, but that makes your "Good morning, beautiful" text even more sweet. It shows that rather than making that rote morning greeting, you are thoughtfully putting effort into starting off her day great.

  • 8. You to check the house with a baseball bat

  • She needs you to take her concerns seriously. This means that if she nudges you awake because she "heard something," she needs you to get out of your cozy bed and check that the doors are locked.

  • 9. To feel beautiful

  • She doesn't want you to think she gets her confidence from her looks, so she's not going to beg for your compliments. Still, knowing you think she's attractive means the world to her. Make her feel gorgeous by telling her she's beautiful and by kissing her lots and lots.

  • 10. You to make dinner

  • So often the responsibility to feed the family lands in her lap, but it's just as much your responsibility to handle dinner. If it's an intimidating task, use resources to make it easier (like the Veggie Bullet - it makes cooking healthy meals sooo simple), but whatever you do, don't shirk the task.

  • 11. To be called "sweetheart"

  • Don't get caught in the trap of thinking pet names are too cheesy. They make your wife go all gooey inside.

  • 12. You to love her kids

  • Nothing makes her as happy as seeing you be a loving father.

  • 13. Your secrets

  • When you let her into every piece of your life, she feels important. Show her she has your trust by sharing your secrets with her.

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