11 signs your wife is a keeper

A wife who does any of these 11 things is definitely a keeper.

11 signs your wife is a keeper

A wife who does any of these 11 things is definitely a keeper.
  • You come home to see your beautiful wife and your kids' pudding-covered faces press up against your legs as they wrap their little arms around you to welcome you home.

  • In that moment you're reminded how much you love your wife for all the wonderful things she does for you and your family. Husbands, your wife's a keeper if she does any one of these things:

  • 1. She makes you want to be a better person

  • Your wife's influence and support pushes you to do your best in every endeavor. Just being around her makes you want to improve yourself. As you work diligently to become better, do the same for your wife; encourage her to be her best self every day.

  • 2. She apologizes

  • She recognizes when she's in the wrong and apologizes. Forgive her always; she's trying her best. Your marriage will thrive when you are both able to easily forgive and continue to improve each day.

  • 3. She loves her children

  • If your wife takes time to read to her children, take them to the park or kiss their forehead before laying them down to sleep; she's a keeper for sure. Tell her you appreciate all she does for your family.

  • 4. She's confident

  • She has a humble confidence. She appreciates when you praise her but never lets it get to her head. Compliment the little things your wife does each day to boost her confidence.

  • 5. She's determined

  • Her driven and goal-oriented attitude is not only impressive and attractive, but it also sets a good example for you and your children. Give your wife some encouragement by telling her you're proud of her or by helping her achieve her goals.

  • 6. She manages money

  • She knows the family budget and lives within those means. You find it easy to discuss your budget and financial goals together. Don't forget to leave room to splurge on a date every now and then!

  • 7. She occasionally dresses up for you

  • She's beautiful no matter what she's wearing, but you love it when she puts a little extra time into getting ready. Tell her she's the most beautiful woman you've ever seen and see her face light up.

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  • 8. She listens

  • She shows genuine interest in what you have to say. When you're both willing to share your concerns and thoughts, you'll be able to understand each other better and improve the connection between you.

  • 9. She confides in you

  • She shares her worries and successes with you because she trusts you. Respect that trust by keeping her secrets between the two of you.

  • 10. She loves herself

  • She's happy with who she is inside and out. Even the most confident women have insecurities sometimes, so build her up with compliments to remind her how amazing she is.

  • 11. She loves you unconditionally

  • You're the only man who holds her heart, and she proves it through the things she says and does. Show your wife you love her, too, by wrapping her in a hug and telling her what you love most about her.

  • Husbands, if your wife does any of these things, she's a keeper for sure. Show her how much you adore her by taking on some of the attributes you want most in a spouse. Be the person you want your wife to be, and you'll find yourself happier with both yourself and your marriage.

Shaelynn Miller is a staff writer for FamilyShare who has a passion for writing, video production and photography.


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