10 awful mistakes you make when trying to attract a man (even if it's your own husband)

Avoid these 10 mistakes that turn all men away (including your husband).

10 awful mistakes you make when trying to attract a man (even if it's your own husband)

Avoid these 10 mistakes that turn all men away (including your husband).
  • You might have already made some mistakes in your relationship, but you can avoid making more if you follow this advice. Believe me, no matter who he is, doing these things will only push your man away:

  • 1. Making him wait

  • This trick might have worked in the past, but it won't work today. Nothing discourages men more than having to wait for someone else. It's disrepectful and selfish when you are intentionally late. Try to be punctual. Being on time is a sign of respect, and nothing is sexier than that.

  • 2. Showing too much skin

  • Contrary to what many women think, showing a lot of skin on a date (whether it's for your boyfriend or your husband) is not attractive. If you're married, your husband will appreciate you respecting your body. You can still wear something cute and feel beautiful while covering up.

  • 3. Wearing too much makeup

  • Most men appreciate natural beauty, so covering that all up with layers of makeup is a big turn off. Use makeup to highlight your nice cheekbones or add a pop of color to your lips, but make sure your true beauty still shines through.

  • 4. Eating too little

  • Men love it when their date enjoys a good meal. Nerves can make you feel like you don't have much of an appetite, but try to relax and enjoy your date (and your food).

  • 5. Talking about your ex

  • Avoid talking about your past relationships. Don't let the negativity of the past hold you back from getting to know a great guy. Focus on learning about each other's interests, especially in the beginning of a relationship. In regards to your husband, it's hurtful for him if you are constantly talking about the guys that could have been in his shoes.

  • 6. Pretending to be someone you're not

  • Men notice when a woman is pretending to be someone they're not. Be yourself; that's what men really find attractive. If you take on a different personality to make him like you more, you'll only create more stress for yourself and turn him away in the process.

  • 7. Sending mixed signals with your body language

  • Body language can say more than your own words. Try not to give the wrong signal about who you are or what you want out of this relationship.

  • 8. Being negative

  • Focusing on negative things will make for a long, uncomfortable date (and a very long and very uncomfortable marriage). Use your time together to talk about the highlights of your day and get to know each other more - even if he's already your husband.

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  • 9. Sugarcoating yourself

  • Dating someone who thinks they're perfect can be intimidating. Men want to get to know the real you - flaws and all. Don't sugarcoat who you are. Use your inner beauty to your advantage, and learn to embrace your flaws. The right man will find them irresistable.

  • 10. Wearing clothes that aren't your style just to impress him

  • Men love women who are honest (even in the way you dress). Don't pick out something that doesn't fit your style just to impress him. Remember, he wants to get to know who you really are.

  • Whether it's your first date or whether you've been married for 30 years, avoid these 10 mistakes that could turn your man away. Be confident in yourself (which is something men do find attractive).

  • This article is adapted and translated from the original, "10 errores FATALES que cometes al tratar de seducir a un hombre (aún si éste es tu esposo)." It was originally published on

Mariel Reimann is the content manager for She studied law at the National University of Cordoba and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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