5 flawless ways to make him only see you

If you want that guy you like to ask you out and get to know you, you must keep reading.

5 flawless ways to make him only see you

If you want that guy you like to ask you out and get to know you, you must keep reading.
  • In today's day and age, it's not uncommon for a woman to "make the first move" and ask a man out if she likes him. In the past, the responsibility of initiating the courtship always fell on the man, but this old-fashioned tradition has changed considerably since then.

  • It's become a common trend for 21st century young women to ask men they are attracted to out on a date.

  • However, not all modern women follow this trend. Perhaps, you (along with thousands of other women around the world) still prefer to be chased by a man. If that's the case, I suggest you follow these five guidelines to make sure he sees only you:

  • 1. Highlight your femininity

  • There are few things a man adores more than seeing the splendor of a woman's femininity. Wearing a nice dress, a pair of earrings and classy heels is a great way to surprise him and show him just how beautiful you are. Another way to catch his eye is to showcase your feminine qualities like delicacy, generosity, kindness, intelligence, etc. Seeing these qualities will make him strive harder to keep you by his side.

  • Being female is often portrayed as fragile and weak, however, I strongly recommend you don't fake qualities he expects a woman to have. On the contrary, that can come across as unattractive. Be your feminine self and he'll be attracted to your genuine nature much more than a facade put on for show.

  • 2. Be sure of yourself

  • Showing confidence - not arrogance - in front of the man you're interested in is another secret that will make him pick you out of the crowd. Humility is important but being aware of your abilities and knowledge will keep him interested.

  • So don't pretend to be someone you're not. Let your personality shine and as you confidently interact with him, he will keep coming back for more.

  • 3. Be spontaneous

  • Spontaneity is another quality that grabs the attention of the man you want to attract. Your spontaneous and lighthearted personality will keep ordinary life from getting boring and will allow you to show off your personality; the personality that only you can bring into an exciting relationship.

  • So, from time to time, let loose and improvise to create fun and entertaining moments.

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  • 4. Show him you are an interesting woman

  • You're an interesting, intelligent and attractive girl. Your family and friends know it. But when it comes to love, you still have to demonstrate how attractive you are through your conversations and actions. If he is just getting to know you, you must not be afraid to show off a little.

  • 5. Be discreet and prudent with your emotions

  • When you like someone, keep a few things secret. If you reveal all of your feelings, you lose all your mystery. Being a tiny bit discreet will add a captivating touch of suspense to the relationship. That, without a doubt, will make him want you even more.

  • If you do these things, he won't hesitate to keep you in his life forever. He'll try to win your heart over totally and completely.

  • This article was adapted and translated from the original, "5 formas infalibles de hacer que él sea quien te busque a ti todo el tiempo." It was originally published on

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