10 traits of a man who will love you forever

Even the strongest relationships have their doubts. How do you know he will love you forever? If he does these 10 things, he will.

10 traits of a man who will love you forever

Even the strongest relationships have their doubts. How do you know he will love you forever? If he does these 10 things, he will.
  • A smile spreads across your face when you see a picture of him and your heart pounds faster every time you hear his voice. You are in love and you wonder if that "cloud nine" feeling will last.

  • Even the strongest relationships can bring doubts. How do you know he will love you forever? Well, if he does these 10 things, your love will last:

  • 1. He loves you for what's inside

  • When he met you, his eyes weren't drawn only to your body. He loves you for who you are, for your personality, values and accomplishments.

  • 2. He enjoys your sense of humor

  • Men adore women with a sense of humor. Being able to laugh at yourself, and during the most stressful moments reduces stress and helps you feel confident in your marriage.

  • 3. You are his whole world

  • He doesn't take a second glance at another woman, because he chose you. While remaining independent, you work together, commit to each other, face challenges together and make memories together.

  • 4. He respects you

  • Respect is a key within marriage. Love can't blossom without respect for one another. Mutual respect is the bridge that allows couples to love each other and stay together, even with their differences.

  • 5. He loves you just the way you are

  • He thinks you're beautiful even in your slippers and pajamas because his conception of beauty goes beyond appearance. He will love your wrinkles and gray hair the same way he loves your soft skin and silky hair now.

  • 6. He knows how to forgive and ask for forgiveness

  • He doesn't stop loving you or hold grudges when you make mistakes, and isn't afraid to confront you about his concerns. When he does something wrong, he apologizes not only with words, but also by his actions.

  • 7. He cares about your dreams

  • A selfish person is only concerned about their own responsibilities and dreams. A man who truly loves you commits his energy and time to things you want because he cares about your happiness.

  • 8. He is a peacemaker

  • He doesn't shy away from conflict. As a peacemaker, he leaves no room for disagreements, but doesn't shame you for thinking differently. He considers and values every opinion as he tries to reach a solution.

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  • 9. He is sensitive

  • Whether it's an afternoon watching the river, the wings of a butterfly, the warmth he feels when holding your hand or the look on his grandmother's face: he captures these moments with his eyes and embraces the gentle side of his personality. He is sweet and calm, and you know he will always be on your side.

  • 10. He isn't in a hurry

  • Even when you are running late, he isn't worried about it. He doesn't complain that you're taking too long picking out your outfit. He doesn't say, "I'm tired of waiting," or "Hurry up." He takes a moment to look at you in your beautiful new dress and kiss you on the cheek.

  • If you find a man with these traits, never let him go. He's a keeper, and he will love you forever.

  • This article has been adapted and translated from the original, "10 rasgos de un hombre que te amará por siempre." It was originally published on

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