If he no longer loved you, he would NOT do these 8 things with you

If he does these things with you and for you, he LOVES YOU. Men only do these things when they are in love.

If he no longer loved you, he would NOT do these 8 things with you

If he does these things with you and for you, he LOVES YOU. Men only do these things when they are in love.
  • When you make mistakes in your relationship, it can be easy to question your partner's love for you.

  • Men are, perhaps, a little more predictable than women. They are only able to do certain things with the woman they love. These actions should be a sufficient sign that he is still in love with you and if there is something wrong with your relationship, it is not a lack of love.

  • Here are eight things he will do if he is still in love with you:

  • 1. Whenever he can, he does the things you hate doing

  • In my case, I hate peeling potatoes. Your husband signals his love for you when he puts you before everything else. Those days when he comes home and sees you "peeling potatoes" and immediately jumps in and does it for you should indicate his love for you. He does it just so you have the pleasure of not having to finish your hated task.

  • 2. "Whatever you want," "as you wish," or "whatever makes you happy"

  • Being undecisive about dinner or other tasks can be unbearable. When he replies to your concerns with the statements above, he is implying that whatever is right for you is right for him. This response is a simple way for him to tell you that you shouldn't worry about the small things. What really matters is that you (his wife) are happy and well.

  • 3. Calls you with your favorite nickname when you are intimate

  • He hasn't forgotten the little details that drive you crazy every time you are together. He still pays attention. Your intimacy hasn't become a routine, it's still something you both enjoy, and he knows it's an important part of your relationship.

  • 4. He does the things you enjoy without protest (or with just a bit of grumbling)

  • He still accompanies you to those activities you love, (even if he finds them torturous). Again, he puts your happiness and well-being before his and goes, just for you. A man who goes shopping with his wife instead of watching football is a man who loves his wife earnestly.

  • 5. He tries to end the fights as quickly as possible

  • Your time together has taught you that the more time you spend fighting, the more damage you will do and the less problems you will solve. He consistently tries to calm the waters to help you forgive him, and he is always quick to forgive you as well.

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  • 6. He doesn't bother you when you are busy

  • We often walk around glued to our cell phones, tablets and so on. Your husband knows it bothers you (and it bothers him) when you're talking to him and he is distracted by his cell phone. Signal to your man that you want his attention by setting your phone aside. He values your communication.

  • 7. He never threatens you with divorce

  • You would be surprised to know the number of people who use divorce as threat to manipulate their partners. This type of game is a clear indication that your spouse does not love you.

  • On the other hand, the absence of this phrase in a relationship not only indicates love, but also demonstrates commitment.

  • 8. He still tries to surprise you (even occasionally)

  • Because of financial commitments, (especially when you have children) expensive surprises are a rare treat in marriage. However, if he still tries to do things that surprise you like breakfast in bed, helping with dinner or getting the children ready for school, then he is still clearly in love with you.

  • All these things shout that he still loves you and your efforts to keep him happy are really worth it.

  • This article has been adapted and translated from the original, "Si él ya NO te amara, él ya NO haría estas 8 cosas contigo,"which was published on

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