16 signs you have the best mom ever

How many of these characteristics does your mom have?

16 signs you have the best mom ever

How many of these characteristics does your mom have?
  • Everyone would like to believe his or her mother is the best mom ever. All moms, after all, are sort of like superheroes to their children. Not only does a mother go through pregnancy and labor (though there are some fabulous moms out there who achieve motherhood in other ways), but she is also often a laundress, a chef, a bus driver, a tutor, a housekeeper, an accountant, a home shopper, a nurse, a night watchman and a child care provider all rolled into one. On second thought, most superheroes probably couldn't do all that!

  • Does your mom have what it takes to make it on the list of the best moms ever? See how many of these characteristics she has.

  • 1. She defends you fiercely, regardless of whether she agrees with your life choices

  • Let's face it, you two don't end up seeing eye to eye on everything. Or most things. Some things? Regardless, when your mom hears someone questioning your life choices, she jumps to your defense every time.

  • 2. The mere sight of you brings a smile to her face

  • There's something special about being able to make someone's day just by being you.

  • 3. She shows you the meaning of selfless service

  • You can probably count on one hand the number of times she complained about making you food or doing your laundry. She did it 365 days a year without any compensation, purely because she loves you. Even now that you're all grown up, when she hears you're having a bad day, she shows up unannounced with your favorite food and does your dishes for you.

  • 4. She remembers all your favorite things (and the things you hate)

  • For years, you were your mom's greatest hobby. It gets harder to keep track of your preference once you don't live under the same roof, but you can bet she'll never stop remembering the things you share with her.

  • 5. She doesn't complain when you come home to visit and act like a kid again

  • There's something about returning home that can make the most well-adjusted of adults feel like a kid again, which means you might not help with the dishes or pick your towel up off the floor. But if it means she gets to spend time with you, your mom probably won't complain a bit.

  • 6. She's willing to drop everything to answer your phone call to listen to your troubles

  • Here's another job title many moms have: therapist. The great part is, her services are free and offered 24/7.

  • 7. She's one of the first people to wish you happy birthday and Merry Christmas

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  • Whether you live in her basement or across the country, your mom is one of the first people to celebrate special days with you (even if it's just a text sent at midnight).

  • 8. She knows when to offer advice and when to offer silence

  • Sometimes you call your mom because you need her advice, and sometimes you call because you just want someone to listen. A great mom knows the difference.

  • 9 . She's the first person you think of when you're asked about women you look up to

  • Few women have as much of an impact on your life as your mother. Can you imagine how different you would have been without her?

  • 10. She listens to your stories without interrupting with her own

  • When was the last time your mom interrupted you to vent with her story? It generally works the other way around, but you can bet your mom wouldn't have it any other way.

  • 11. She pays for you, even when she doesn't have to

  • Sometimes it seems like moms really do forget when you've grown up and are capable of taking care of yourself. She'll never stop offering to pay for you when you go shopping or out to restaurants together and to be honest, you kind of love it that she does.

  • 12. She taught you to forgive, even when it's hard

  • There were times growing up when you hurt your mom's feelings pretty badly. But she never held a grudge for long. Moms love hard and deep. If only we could all love each other that well.

  • 13. She remembers who your friends are and cares when you talk about them

  • Moms never quite shake the habit of wanting to know everything that's going on in your life. What makes her special, though, is that she's not trying to dig for gossip. She truly cares to know who's in your life and how they treat you.

  • 14. She celebrates your successes and commiserates your failures

  • Anything you achieve, win, earn or accomplish feels just as important to your mom. She takes a little credit for it all, you know. The same goes for your failures. The amazing thing is that moms don't keep a tally of how many things you get right or wrong. She takes you as you are and loves you no matter what.

  • 15. She taught you to keep trying, even when you'd rather quit

  • Being a mom means you don't quit, even when it takes your child two years to get potty-trained or several seasons of soccer to score a goal. She never gave up on you, so what right have you to give up on yourself?

  • 16. She doesn't remind you of all the pain you've put her through over the years

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  • Anytime you bring up a challenge you're facing, your mom could point out how tough you made her life for years, but she doesn't. And if she had it all to do over again, you know she wouldn't change a thing.

  • Other women besides your mom can also have a big impact on your life or on the world. Vote today for an influential woman whom you believe deserves the Women's Choice Award.

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