8 things your husband doesn't understand about your body

Here's some things your husband needs to know about your body — but doesn't know how to ask.

8 things your husband doesn't understand about your body

Here's some things your husband needs to know about your body — but doesn't know how to ask.
  • Let's be real for a second: you don't know everything about your body. There are things you're still unsure about and some things continue to surprise you as your body changes. (To better understand your body, check out Ava, a bracelet that gives you personalized information about your body.)

  • If you still have questions about how your body is faring, it's no wonder that your husband has questions too. He may feel uncomfortable asking about certain topics because he doesn't want to look ignorant or make you feel uncomfortable. Not only that, but sometimes he's simply unaware of his lack of knowledge.

  • So, here's a list of eight things your husband needs to know about your body (and he probably doesn't):

  • 1. There are only six days per cycle it's possible to get pregnant

  • Many men (and women) don't know that merely having unprotected sex doesn't mean they'll get pregnant. In reality, there are only six days in a woman's cycle during which she can get pregnant. These days, called the "fertile window," span from the first day of ovulation when the egg is released to the five preceding days. Every cycle is different, if you want to find out when your fertile window is, click here.

  • 2. What's going on with all that hair

  • Your husband may not realize how truly hairy you can be. It takes a lot of shaving to get smooth skin. What many men don't realize is all the places it grows on a woman's body. For example, men may not know that some women grow facial hair (20 million American women grow enough facial hair to warrant at least weekly removal through shaving or waxing) or how hairy legs can really be.

  • 3. Your period

  • Even if he got the low-down about the female reproductive system back in high school, your husband probably doesn't truly understand everything that happens at "that time of the month." Some men wonder if you can hold your period in like urine and what it's like to wear tampons. Because every woman experiences her period differently, it's important for you to have this conversation with him so he can understand exactly what you go through.

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  • 4. Why there are bumps "down there"

  • Your husband might think the bumps on your private area are caused by an STD, are cancerous or even contagious. It's important to be aware of what is cause for concern, but help him understand most of the bumps on your vulva are rarely harmful. While they may have a variety of causes, they are most likely ingrown hairs or blocked skin glands.

  • 5. Asymmetrical body parts are normal

  • Many men don't realize both of your breasts aren't necessarily the same size. Some doctors have claimed that every woman has asymmetrical breasts, meaning this is normal.

  • 6. PMS is real (and you're not crazy)

  • What's more annoying? PMS mood swings or your husband's jokes about them? If your husband is someone who loves dropping too-close-to-home PMS jokes, it's probably that he can't fully know how tough it can be every month. Knowing that the fatigue, cramps, food cravings, aches, unexpected shifts in mood before your period are caused by dropping levels of estrogen and progesterone and all of those symptoms are consequences of hormonal fluctuations.

  • 7. That sometimes you feel "too fat"

  • While men also deal with societal pressures to look a certain way, there isn't a major cultural obsession with men's looks. This means he probably doesn't understand your anxiety over being too thin or too fat. (Not only that, but he thinks you're beautiful the way you are.) Be open about your insecurities so he can understand your stress and be sensitive about it.

  • 8. Why you spend so much time grooming

  • A lot of men have a hard time grasping how much time you put into your appearance. In fact, he may not understand why you smear makeup over your face or why you spend money on oil for your hair. Most men are curious about all that goes on with eyelash curlers and razors, so don't keep it all a secret; let him know what's up.

  • The more you understand about your own body, the more you will be able to adequately communicate to your husband about what you're feeling. Use the Ava bracelet to get individual information in real time about your cycle, hormones and fertility.

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