6 ways you are unknowingly pushing your wife to divorce you

Intentional or not, these things drive your wife away from you and into the courtroom.

6 ways you are unknowingly pushing your wife to divorce you

Intentional or not, these things drive your wife away from you and into the courtroom.
  • You might think nothing is wrong with your marriage, but if you are doing one of these six things, you are driving your wife down the path of divorce:

  • 1. Obsessive behavior

  • As much as your wife loves you, she still needs her space and time. You need to respect her space and trust that she is being faithful. You are being obsessive if you constantly feel the need to know exactly where she is going, when she is coming back and everything that happens in between. If you feel constantly jealous when she talks to any other man, it is time to talk with a therapist to find out why you get so jealous.

  • Your relationship needs a certain amount of space for both you and your wife to grow. She loves you, so she will want to be with you and she won't break your trust. Let her have the space she desires and keep any possessive or jealous behavior under control.

  • 2. Accidentally pushing her out of your life

  • By over scheduling your day with work, service, family and recreational activities you aren't making time for you and your wife to grow closer together. Leave enough time in your day to bond with your wife. Hold her in your arms and tell her how much you love and care for her, and then show her you mean it by serving her.

  • 3. Constant complaining

  • Negativity is very unattractive and really hard to be around. Love your wife enough to not nag or complain all the time. Yes, there will be times that you can rant, but fill your conversations mostly with positives. Strive to find the silver lining and cut back on your complaining. If you really need to complain, get out a piece of paper and pen. Write down the things that are bothering you and then shred or burn the paper. This therapeutic approach lets you get rid of your negative thoughts while still allowing your relationship flourish.

  • 4. Mismanaging or strictly controlling finances

  • Money is a major reason for divorce, so if you are controlling all the finances or are spending too much, you may be putting your relationship in jeopardy. Sit down and agree with your wife on how the two of you want to manage money. If you have a tendency to spend more than needed, let your wife have more control of the bank accounts. She can help you with your spending issues.

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  • On the other hand, being too stingy with money can cause your wife some stress. Let her explain why money should be spent on this or that and trust that her goal isn't to drive your bank accounts into the negative numbers.

  • 5. Never expressing appreciation

  • Appreciation in marriage is key. If you are forgetting to say thank you, or keep a running list of mistakes your wife has made, she will feel miserable and eventually the lack of appreciation will chase her out of your marriage. Notice the things your wife does for you and thank her. Be overly grateful. She will feel amazing every time you thank her.

  • 6. Deliberately withholding affection

  • You aren't trying to hurt her, but when you purposely draw your hand away to play a computer game, or wrap yourself up in blankets so you and your wife can't cuddle at night, you are hurting her feelings. You are starving an important part of your relationship with your wife. Your relationship will die when affection dies.

  • Love your wife and show it through compliments, sweet touches and intimate moments. If you are struggling with showing physical affection or intimacy, talk to a professional. Your marriage may be at stake.

  • Marriage is healthy when both people put everything they have into it. We all make mistakes in our marriages, but it's really important to try to correct them when we make them. Don't hesitate to talk to your wife if she does something that bothers you, and tell her to do the same. Communication and trust will grow as you have these difficult conversations, and when those two things are strong, so is your marriage.

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