4 ways to tell if God is communicating to you through your dreams

Do you wake up from a dream convinced God is communicating with you ... but then doubt the possibility?

4 ways to tell if God is communicating to you through your dreams

Do you wake up from a dream convinced God is communicating with you ... but then doubt the possibility?
  • We are surrounded by spiritual messages but due to our hectic schedules, we tend to lose our spiritual focus and see the messages as something else. With busy minds, we ignore these spiritual signs.

  • This is when dreams come in.

  • During a time of struggle, I dared to doubt and question God. I refused to hear words of wisdom from people trying to uplift me. I failed to realize that God was reaching out to me through them. Until one night, when God communicated to me in a dream.

  • This dream felt more real than anything I have ever felt. While I slept, God used someone I love deeply to pass on his message. He knew I would listen then. This person revealed the answer to an intimate question I had asked God earlier that day. That dream was a confirmation of God's existence and because of that emotional dream, I have fully embraced God and his messages.

  • For many of us, a dream is just a dream. We wake up not remembering it at all, or just catch vague glimpses. But there are times when these dreams are undeniably vivid - we guess there is something or someone trying to reach out to us. But what can it be? Who can it be? We must trust our insights. God reaches out in many ways.

  • Here are four ways God is communicating to us through our dreams:

  • 1. God speaks to us through others

  • When God attempts to communicate with us through a friend, family member or even a stranger and we turn away from that person, chances are he will resend the message in a dream. Often, this person in the dream is no longer with us. God will not reveal himself, but he will allow a love one to convey his message. He knows we will listen to our love one. When we wake from that special moment, we had the opportunity to reconnect with the departed and receive God's guidance with an open heart.

  • 2. God speaks to us through a situation

  • How many of us have relived (or lived) a real-life situation in a dream? Even though we are sleeping, subconsciously our concerns are still running through our brains. Reliving or living a similar situation through a dream is God's way of showing us the necessary steps we need to take to solve our current problem.

  • 3. God speaks to us through angels

  • We don't dream with familiar faces all the time - we have strangers who are part of our dreams. Sometimes these strangers mention our troubles or warn us about something. While you sleep, remember that angels don't always reveal themselves with huge wings and shining a bright light. Sometimes they disguise themselves as people, just passing through our dreams to transmitting God's message.

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  • 4. God speaks to us through numbers

  • Dreaming with numbers can also be a way God speaks to us. Consider searching the specifics numbers in the Bible and God will reveal himself through that particular passage.

  • In the King James Bible, we read from Numbers 12:6 "And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream." God always listens and responds to our prayers - sometimes he responds to us while we dream.

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Mayra Colón is a freelance writer, former independent author and avid reader. She holds a MBA from the University of Phoenix and completed the Freelance Writing and Selling Online course from Rutgers University of Arts and Sciences.

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