9 of the best gifts for expectant moms

The excitement of welcoming a new baby into the family simply can’t be measured. As a loved one, you can participate in the fun and take some of the edge off by picking the perfect present.

9 of the best gifts for expectant moms

The excitement of welcoming a new baby into the family simply can’t be measured. As a loved one, you can participate in the fun and take some of the edge off by picking the perfect present.
  • The excitement of welcoming a new baby into the family simply can't be measured. It's a joyous occasion - and a time for intense preparation. As a loved one, you can participate in the fun and take some of the edge off by picking the perfect present.

  • If the thought of finding the right present for your friend intimidates you, fear not! Here's our list of the nine best gifts for expectant moms - no matter your budget.

  • 1. Smart baby monitor: $40-$300

  • Every mom wants to know that her baby is safe at all times - even when she's not in the same room. Many new parents put a baby monitor on their gift registry, but if you really want to treat them to a great gift, splurge on a smart baby monitor that does more than just let them hear their baby crying. There are many different kinds of smart baby monitors to choose from, but mothers will really appreciate those with the following features:

    • Motion sensor

    • Temperature gauge

    • Video monitoring

    • Two-way talk features

    • Night vision

    • Pan and tilt capabilities

  • Tip: If you're looking for the perfect gift that every new mom needs, get a baby monitor.

  • 2. Owlet Smart Sock Breathing Monitor: $250

  • While we are on the subject of peace of mind, let's talk about the Owlet, a great gift for first-time mothers.

  • The Owlet monitor is built into a tiny sock that slips comfortably over a baby's foot. Owlet uses pulse oximetry, the same technology hospitals use, to monitor blood flow and breathing patterns of the baby. If at any time the baby stops breathing, the monitor will send an alert to mom's smartphone. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices.

  • Bonus: 83% of parents report they sleep better with Owlet, so you'll also be giving the gift of rest - which every new parent quickly comes to realize is priceless.

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  • 3. Wubbanub Pacifier: $15

  • If you want to purchase a thoughtful gift but don't have the money to purchase something as expensive as a baby monitor or an Owlet, don't worry. There are plenty of heartfelt and useful gifts within your price range, and one of the best is the Wubbanub.

  • The Wubbanub combines one of the market's top pacifiers with a small stuffed animal. The attached stuffed animal - choose from a range of animals like dino, puppy, or giraffe - helps prop up the pacifier, which allows babies to self-soothe and keeps the pacifier in their mouths when they go down for a nap. This is especially comforting for new parents, as pacifier use is one of pediatricians' top recommendations for reducing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

  • Bonus: The Wubbanub is not a typical gift a mom would think to register for, but it's something she will soon find she can't live without.

  • 4. The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease: $17

  • Are you looking for a creative and thoughtful present to give to your favorite mother-to-be without spending a lot of money? If so, consider giving her The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease.

  • Reading to babies is the best way to grow vocabulary, increase intelligence, and create a lasting bond between children and parents. The Read-Aloud Handbook is a gift that new parents will treasure for years to come.

  • Bonus: Give your friend a few of your favorite children's books as well and write a short message to the new baby in the front cover so they grow up knowing how loved they are.

  • 5. Pregnancy and sleep training books: $9-$20

  • If you are still struggling to decide what to give the expectant mother, consider giving the gift of information. Pregnancy and child-rearing are completely new experiences to first-time parents, and sometimes the most useful gifts are those that offer insights from experts.

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  • Moms-to-be will appreciate pregnancy books, fetal development books, sleep training books and books on breastfeeding. Some of the most popular books for expectant mothers include these bestsellers:

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  • Bonus: If the parents haven't picked out a name yet, a baby naming book would also be a fun gift to add to the list. You could send a subtle hint by highlighting your name as well.

  • 6. Diapers and a Diaper Genie: $20-$50

  • Babies are adorable, but they are also prolific poopers: according to Investopedia, the average child will go through 2,700 diapers in the first year alone, costing new parents about $550. While it may seem boring to give diapers as a gift, new parents will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness.

  • If getting your friend diapers still doesn't seem like enough, consider combining the gift with a diaper genie. It helps keep the house smelling fresh, even when its contents aren't.

  • Tip: When choosing between another adorable outfit and a box of diapers, opt for the diapers. After all, the child will wear ten times as many diapers as they do outfits.

  • 7. Maternity pillow: $15-$70

  • Giving gifts to expectant mothers doesn't have to be all about the baby. In fact, you'll be surprised at just how much a mom will appreciate a gift that is all about her. Pregnancy comes with nine months of nausea, aches, and pains, and anything that will relieve some of the stress on the mother's body will be a godsend.

  • A maternity pillow will help your pregnant friend get a more comfortable night's rest.

  • Tip: Maternity pillows come in all different forms, but moms often tout sleeping beans and full-length body pillows as the most comfortable options.

  • 8. Prenatal massage: $60-$150

  • Another great way to pamper the mom-to-be is to set her up with a spa day. Several spas offer maternity massages with a special table designed for pregnancy. Not only is this a great way for pregnant women to get some relief, but massage during pregnancy has several health benefits - including reducing stress and promoting overall wellness.

  • Tip: Be sure to schedule an appointment or get a gift card with a licensed massage therapist. Even better, choose one that specializes in prenatal massages.

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  • 9. Gift card for maternity clothes: up to you

  • If there is one thing expectant mothers can count on during pregnancy, it's changing sizes and shapes multiple times over a nine-month period. This means your pregnant friend will be in need of some new clothes during the first, second and third trimester. Giving your pregnant friend the opportunity for some retail therapy is always a fun idea.

  • Bonus: Give your friend the gift card, then go on a shopping date with her. She'll probably enjoy the quality friend time and the help choosing clothes.

  • Putting together the perfect gift is a great way to congratulate an expectant mother on their new bundle of joy. What's the best gift you've ever given an expectant mom - or the best mom you've ever received from a friend before the birth of your child? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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