12 unique things on Amazon that are actually brilliant

Incredibly useful and surprisingly inexpensive items that will change your life.

12 unique things on Amazon that are actually brilliant

Incredibly useful and surprisingly inexpensive items that will change your life.
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  • Amazon takes the cake for being the one supplier that "has it all," crazy gag gifts included. But some of these crazy things are actually brilliant, and I think I just might need all of them.

  • 1. Motion activated bed nightlight

  • No more running into the dresser or tripping over your dirty clothes on the floor. Purchase here.

  • 2. Foot hammock

  • Every adult probably wishes they had one of these under their desk. Purchase here.

  • 3. Pocket blanket

  • Big enough to lay down on and small enough to fit in your back pocket, this blanket will keep your behind nice and dry every time you sit on the grass. Purchase here.

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  • 4. Hardcover copy of Dancing with Cats

  • The "purrrfect" addition to your coffee table. Fascinating conversation starters are just a page turn away. Purchase here.

  • 5. Phone camera lens

  • Always wanted to get into photography? Clip this lens onto your phone and you'll have your friends wondering when you became a professional photographer. Purchase here.

  • 6. Chest and abs plate

  • Strap it on and voila, instant abs for your husband. Purchase here.

  • 7. Indoor snowballs

  • Hours of indoor fun and games for you and the kids, no matter the season. Purchase here.

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  • 8. Labeled towel

  • Still not sure why it had to be brown... but now you'll never get those two confused again! Purchase here.

  • 9. Toilet nightlight

  • Because we all know a bright bathroom light in the middle of the night is the worst. Purchase here.

  • And to complete the bathroom ensemble, always know where your toilet paper is with glow-in-the-dark toilet paper. Purchase here.

  • 10. Baby mop

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  • Since your baby is always crawling all over the floor anyway, might as well make your kitchen tile sparkling clean. Purchase here.

  • 11. Hoodie travel pillow

  • On the road a lot? This will give you enough neck support to get some actual rest while traveling, block out the light and give you a little privacy. Purchase here.

  • 12. Pizza scissors

  • Just what we've all been waiting for. You can now cut and dish up your pizza at the same time! Purchase here.

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Kristina Tieken is a staff writer for FamilyShare, public relations specialist with a love for the fine arts, food and exercise. She enjoys watching movies and spending time with her husband and family.

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