8 male attitudes that destroy a wife

It’s possible that your partner is a good husband; However, some of his attitudes could be slowly deteriorating your marriage.

8 male attitudes that destroy a wife

It’s possible that your partner is a good husband; However, some of his attitudes could be slowly deteriorating your marriage.
  • Close your eyes and remember that time when you met someone who was very special to you. The person with whom you once saw yourself married to, with who you dreamed of having children with. What happened to him? Is he your husband? If he isn't, why not? Maybe the relationship ended because you realized you could never be married to a man who thought the way he did. There are things no woman should ever tolerate in her marriage - including these 10 attitudes:

  • 1. It's OK to yell

  • There is no justification for shouting or screaming. If your mister tends to do this, leave until he can calm down enough to talk without yelling. Then, talk about how he will need to control his temper, or you won't be sticking around.

  • 2. His wife should be an "invisible woman"

  • Pack your bags and leave if you are with a man who believes his future bride should be an "invisible woman". Don't tolerate a man who solves problems with the silent treatment and is looking for a wife who will let herself be ignored in all things.

  • 3. His wife will always agree with him

  • This attitude is inexcusable. Even though you share a life together, you both can make your own decisions and have your own opinions. Just because you got married, doesn't mean he'll always be right. Your opinion is just as valid as his.

  • 4. Concerns about the home are only the wife's responsibility

  • You both live in this home and so you both must assume the responsibilities that come with having a house and being married. This should be clear from the beginning of your relationship - no exceptions.

  • 5. He does not help with parenting, but blames his wife for a child's disobedience

  • Having the wrong attitude about parenting will make for a difficult marriage. If he refuses to help parent your child, that's different topic - but if your husband doesn't help educate and reprimand your children but blames you when your kids make a mistake, get help from a professional. You are not the only one responsible for your children's behavior. Both you and your husband should participate in educating, raising and loving your children.

  • 6. Infidelity is OK

  • If you know going into your marriage that your man thinks it's OK to cheat on his future wife, run far, far away.

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  • 7. It's OK for him to lie

  • Everyone lies - so you'll be hard pressed to find a man who is perfectly honest all the time. Just be aware of what types of lies he is telling. And know that when you discover one lie, there are often more hiding behind it.

  • 8. His wife doesn't need time for herself

  • Marrying a man with this attitude means marrying a man who won't take time out of his week to take you out dancing, on a date to the movies or surprise you with a quiet afternoon at the spa. This time together and time to yourselves is crucial for a happy marriage - don't forget that.

  • You won't find a man who is perfect, so you will need to deal with some thinks you dislike about your mister. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for someone who has one of these attitudes.

  • This article has been translated and adapted from the original, 8 actitudes masculinas que destruyen a una esposa. It was originally published on

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