7 beauty treatments you’ve never heard of (that will change your life)

Seriously, where have these been our whole lives?

7 beauty treatments you’ve never heard of (that will change your life)

Seriously, where have these been our whole lives?
  • Girl, you are gorgeous. Yes, we're talking to you. You're gorgeous and you don't need intense beauty treatments to make you beautiful. But honestly, harsh pollutants, dead skin cells and product build-up can obscure your natural beauty, and in such cases, your skin could use a detoxifying cleanse to reveal your true beauty.

  • Not only will these beauty treatments expose your beautiful self, but they will make you feel confident and rejuvenated. Some of these beauty treatments are available at Island Day Spa and Sauna where you pay a small fee for a whole day to explore, relax and become your best self.

  • 1. Korean body scrub

  • A Korean body scrub is your ticket to the greatest skin of your life. A professional scrub mistress rubs your body down as months of dead skin cells slough off, leaving every inch of your skin baby-soft and radiant. (Seriously, you need this. Go to Island Spa and Sauna and get one.)

  • 2. Hair burning

  • Taking a candle to your hair sounds like a recipe for disaster, but if you are at your wit's end with your split ends, hair burning may be the answer. Hair burning is popular in Brazil, but it's starting to trend all around the world.

  • 3. Lash lift

  • Don't worry, this treatment isn't of the plastic surgery variety. It's a perm-like treatment for your eyelashes without the harmful chemicals. This process lifts and curls each eyelash individually to make them appear thicker overall.

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  • 4. Caviar facial

  • Fish eggs on your face? You'd be shocked by the amazing benefits of caviar for your skin. One study showed that it can boost your skin's collagen by 67 percent. That means that they can help you have that youthful look you crave. Not only that, but caviar can improve your skin's radiance and protect against harmful UV rays.

  • 4. Fish pedicure

  • When a pumice stone isn't enough, a fish pedicure is the answer to rough, dead skin. During this treatment, your feet are placed in a basin filled with tiny rufa gara fish that nibble the dead skin from your feet, leaving them soft and beautiful.

  • 5. 24k mask

  • Turns out all that glitters is beauty gold. The trend of gold face masks is on the rise. The jury is still undecided on whether or not gold is the effective skin cure-all it claims to be (supermodels swear by it), but it's inarguablely the most posh skin treatment out there.

  • 6. Scalp treatment

  • If your hair is thinning, a scalp treatment may be your saving grace. This treatment is effective because it increases blood circulation to your scalp, stimulating growth. This treatment is both great for your head and releases and stimulates hormones to boost your mood.

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  • 7. Mud wrap

  • Maybe being wrapped in mud doesn't seem like a recipe for cleansing, but the clays used in mud wraps have detoxifying effects. Not only that, but these wraps leave your body feeling energized, soft and toned.

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