7 signs that your husband is fantasizing about another woman

Find out if he's thinking of others when he's with you.

7 signs that your husband is fantasizing about another woman

Find out if he's thinking of others when he's with you.
  • Who hasn't heard the phrase "look but don't touch"? You might have even heard this phrase among committed couples. But what these couples don't understand is that looking become thoughts and thoughts become actions.

  • Love Counselor M. Gary Neuman wrote the book "The Truth About Cheating." In his research Neuman interviewed 200 husbands who betrayed or never betrayed their spouse to find the true reason behind male infidelity. He found that 48 percent of men who cheated said that emotional dissatisfaction was the main reason for their infidelity- which may come as a surprise.

  • Betrayal does not happen overnight and it usually starts with wrong thoughts and friendships with other women. In the study, Neuman found that 40 percent of men who cheated found their mistress at work. They were usually women who respected and admired them. Only 6 percent actually slept with a woman he met that same day. Generally, men who cheated do not get carried away by just one conversation - betrayal is something that happens gradually.

  • Interestingly, 66 percent of the men who cheated confessed that they felt guilty during their love affair. What is even more impressive is that 68 percent of the men who betrayed their wife said they never imagined they would one day be unfaithful. And almost allof the men said they wished they had never cheated on their wife. So it's not just the "bad men" who betray their wives; normal men caught up in these seven simple things cause them to entertain the idea of cheating on their wives:

  • 1. He compares you to other women

  • He will compare his wife to the women he admires. The other women could be actresses, singers, famous people, mutual friends, work friends or even family members.

  • 2. He asks you to change how you dress

  • He wants you to become the woman he is fantasizing about, so he asks you to change how you dress and how you put on makeup.

  • 3. He looks at pornography

  • Pornography is the first step to betrayal. Many women think there is nothing wrong about viewing pornography alone or as a couple, but that's not the case. Pornography causes your husband to fantasize about the actress and have wrong expectations about your sexual relationship with him.

  • 4. He looks at other women on the street

  • He always makes a point of turning his neck to look at other women. It is common for men and women to look at attractive people, but looking is different from wishing to be with her. His obvious staring shows the interest he has in others and the lack of respect he has for you.

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  • 5. He wants you to know that you do not control him

  • He always makes it clear that you do not rule over him and that he can do whatever he wants. In a healthy relationship, no one is the boss - there is respect for both partners.

  • 6. He follows many women on social media

  • You notice that he follows beautiful women online (and their photos aren't exactly modest). He sure isn't thinking about you when he looks at their pictures.

  • 7. He seems to have more friends than you

  • He is always talking about friends from childhood, school and work. Remember: Neuman's research showed that 40 percent of cheaters found their mistress at work. Close personal relationships with people of the opposite sex should be avoided.

  • This article was adapted and translated from the original, "7 sinais de que seu marido está fantasiando sobre outra mulher." It was originally published on

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